Osaka expo’s symbol and monorail

The Expo Park is a great place to see cherry blossoms! It looks like a carpet of cherry blossoms!

The park

The Expo in 1970 started in April and was held for 6 months under the theme of“Progress and Harmony for Mankind.” It drew in around 64,000,000 visitors from all over the world and held the record for the largest number of visitors until 2010. The 1970 Expo landmark, “Statue of the sun”is located in the park where seasonal events and music festivals are held, and Expocity was built inside the park.

It’s too large to see everything in just one day!

The entrance to EXPOCITY

There’s one large mall and eight entertainment facilities at Expocity.

You can enjoy aquariums and zoos at NIFREL!

The most popular entertainment facility is NIFREL, modeled after the popular Osaka aquarium, Kaiyu-kan. While Kaiyu-kan is more family oriented, NIFREL has more of an artistic feel.
Birds are raised cage-free, so you can interact with them more intimately.
They also keep white tigers, hippos, crocodiles, and penguins, so it’s a great place for a family visit!

Tropical fish



White tiger



The Pokemon game booth is popular among children!

You can enjoy 7 different attractions here, and Pokemon goods are available for purchase, so it’s a must visit for Pokemon fans!

The entrance to the Pokemon EXPO

The large complex,“Lalaport”

Lalaport consists of about 300 restaurants and shops throughout it’s 3 floors, and you can enjoy shopping the whole day! You’ll be astonished by its size.


Feel like traveling around the world? Let’s visit “Orbi Osaka”!

You can experience nature through technology, visuals, and sounds at this booth. With the “earth cruising”experience, you can fly on balloons and witness the worlds nature from the sky.
You can also experience the chilly climate of Mt. Kenya (-15 degres celsius), and see gorillas and African elephants. You feel like you are travelling around the world in Osaka! It’s very thrilling!

The Entrance to Orbi Osaka

Mountain gorillas

African elephants

Other attractions include the“Osaka English Village,”where you can learn English through workshops, a cutting edge Imax movie theatre, and an entertainment facility where you can experience sky-walking by bicycle. ANIPO is another entertainment area created under the theme of,“a mobile amusement park created by the animals.”The Family farm attraction is modeled after a popular British movie, and the REDHORSE OSAKA WHEEL, Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel, will begin operating in the Spring of 2016.


2-1 Expo Park, Senri, Suita city, Osaka

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Address 2-1 Expo Park, Senri, Suita city, Osaka
Hours 10:00 to 21:00
Price Free
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Access A 2 min walk from the Osaka monorail, “Banpaku-kinen-koen”
Phone +81-6-6170-5590
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