Let’s tour spiritual places at Togakushi Shrine.

Togakushi Shrine has more than 2000 years of history. This sacred place is comprised of 5 shrines; a rear shrine, the Kuzuryu shrine, a middle shrine, the Hinomikosha shrine, and the Hokosha shrine. Each of them provides different benefits to visitors. It takes 2 or 3 hours to see everything, so you should choose one particular shrine that you’ll want to wish at, for good luck.

Togakushi Shrine

The entrance to the rear of the shrine

The rear shrine
The most popular is the rear shrine.

You are sure to be happy with the 5 benefits of this shrine!

This time I’d like to introduce Togakushi Shrine, mentioned in the previous article about Kagami-ike (Mirror pond). This shrine is located near a pond with great scenery.
The shrine is about 2,000 years old, and there are several legendary gods that are involved with rocking the Amanoiwato cave. It’s been a sacred place since old times and has been known as a place where monks train. It has recently become popular among young women because of a certain TV commercial.

Cedar trees
The cedar trees are about to touch the sky.

The 5 different benefits

To begin with, let’s take a look at the most popular shrine, the rear shrine.
You can get good luck for hope and winning. It could be said that this shrine is generally capable of making your dreams come true. On the next side, there is Kuzuryu shrine for match making. It’s nice to see both of them, because they are located close to each other. The highlight are the large cedar trees, which are more than 400-years-old, and you can instantly feel their holy power. Some visitors even come to Togakushi, just to see these trees. The middle shrine is very busy with many souvenir shops and restaurants. It is said that this shrine’s purpose is good for wisdom. There are three 800-year-old trees set in triangular form, and it is said that positive energy flows within them. The 4th shrine, Hinomikosha shrine, is relatively small and provides you with benefits for performing arts. The last one is Hokosha shrine. It is said to give you luck for baby-sitting. You’ll need to climb the 274 stairs to get there and once you reach the top, you’ll be blessed with its grace.

Togakushi shrine
It gives you power just by looking at it.

Consider your physical condition when planning a visit.

It is not impossible to see all 5 shrines, but it takes about 2 or 3 hours without stopping. However, if you want to drop by ”Kagami-ike” and have a meal, it’ll take even more time. The mountain path is quite rough, so you need to be careful if you’re not good at hiking.
All these shrines are located along road #36, so you can also see them by car. During the busy season, they’ll have traffic control, and a shuttle bus is available during May, August, September, and on weekends in October for a fee of 600 yen. Why not visit these shrines for some good luck from god?


3506 Togakushi, Nagano city, Nagano Prefecture

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Address 3506 Togakushi, Nagano city, Nagano Prefecture
Access By car: 17km for 30 min from Shinanomachi IC (Traffic is controlled during October) By train:From JR Hokuriku shinkansen Nagano station, take a bus for 60 min. → walk for 30 min
Website http://www.togakushi-jinja.jp/index.html (Japanese Text Only)