It’s coming again this year! Matsubara Shrine’s Reitaisai Festival is the most energetic period in Odawara! (3rd to 5th May)

It’s a festival held in Odawara city, Kanagawa Prefecture from 3rd to 5th May. This festival is for the enshrined grand god of Odawara, and these three days will be the most festive in town. People will carry Mikoshi that represent ships while singing “kiyariuta”, a famous song of fishermen known throughout Japan.

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Odawara Reitaisai Festival

What is the traditional song, “kiyariuta”?

Reitaisai festival is held in Odawara from 3rd to 5th May. Many Mikoshi are carried in town with loud shouts of encouragement. You’ll see many people smiling and having a good time while singing the traditional song, “kiyariuta”.


The festival is soon coming!

Local people say that Matsubara Shrine Reitaisai Festival is the most famous festival in town. On the first day there will be a ritual called “Mitamairi”, or placing the god in Mikoshi. The next day consists of a ritual called “Hamakudari”, or jumping into the cold sea while carrying Mikoshi! It is so magnificent to watch, and I see how people in Odawara highly regard their traditional culture. On the last day they have “Miyairi”, or gathering the Mikoshi at Matsubara Shrine! These Mikoshi will be carried on a path leading to the shrine, building to the climax of the festival.







Odawara Castle is also a must see!

On Sunday May 1st the newly renovated castle will finally open to the public! You can see a digital scroll created by the world famous visual artist Akira Hasegawa from the 1st to the 5th of May, daily until 10:00 PM. There will be one million patterns projected on the east and west side walls of Odawara Castle. It’s free admission, so please visit the opening ceremony. This romantic attraction at Odawara Castle can only be seen at this year’s festival!

Odawara Castle

Golden Week is coming! It is still a little chilly, but why not visit Odawara and warm up with a little festivity heat?
Nice people in Odawara are awaiting your visit!

★Special Thanks★
Odawara Ganso Urokoki Managing Director,Tashiro Moritaka
Odawara Wakiya Kamaboko branch Representive Director, Kazutaka Wakiya
〇Committee of Odawara Kamaboko Street Revitalization HP=

Matsubara Shrine Map

2ー10ー16 Honcho, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture

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