A Flower park chosen as one of the top 10 dream destinations in the world!

Ashikaga Flower Park is suggested by CNN as being identical to the spiritual Tree of Souls in the movie, “Avatar”. There’s a large, 150-year-old wisteria tree along with a variety of other wisteria and different kinds of seasonal flowers. Let’s explore this beautiful and internationally known scenery!

1:The aroma of flowers throughout the park
2:Wisteria soft ice cream! Please try it!
3:An ocean of different types of rosebay in bloom
4:Other flowers also make the park beautiful
5:Souvenirs that smell so good

The entrance
The entrance where wisteria are blooming

1:The aroma of flowers throughout the park

You can already see small wisteria at the entrance.
It’ll get you excited to go inside!

As you enter the park, you’ll begin to see an abundance of beautiful flowers. Walking through, you’ll be able to smell the aroma of wisteria.

shikaga Flower Park
Wisteria in the park

First, let’s take a look at Ofuji-dana. Designated as a natural monument, it’s the highlight of the park. Fuji-no-hana Monogatari is a festival held during the wisteria season, and you can view the Ofuji (large wisteria) in full bloom. The wisteria are also illuminated in the evening.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Illumination created for the best scenery(Official Website)

This is the the spectacular 1,000㎡ Ofuji!

Ashikaga Flower Park
Wisteria blooms from the end of April for 1 month. The color changes to pink, purple, white, and yellow.

They weren’t in full bloom when we visited, but it was still majestic!

There are only wisteria flowers in this park, but all of them are very unique. You can also see the great, Fuji-dana from the waiting room.

Ashikaga Flower Park
There are rest areas and benches where you can relax

The wisteria flowers are suspended over a bridge called “Usu-beni-bashi”.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Pink and purple flowers on the bridge

It was so beautiful to see Murasaki-fuji’s screen, or “the screen of purple wisteria”.

Ashikaga Flower Park
You can see wisteria flowers reflected onto the surface of the water.

2:Wisteria soft ice cream! Please try it!

There are cute souvenir shops and restaurants in each area, where you can also view the beautiful scenery.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Items that allow you to enjoy smell of wisteria flowers

Today, I tried the Wisteria soft ice cream (390yen)!

Ashikaga Flower Park
Wisteria soft ice cream (390yen)

It was my first time eating purple soft ice cream, and it was very delicious!

3:An ocean of different types of rosebay in bloom

There are more than 5,000 seasonal rosebay plants in the park.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Rosebay blooms from early April to the second half of May

There are more than 1,000 species of Rosebay around the world.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Colorful Rosebay

4:Other flowers also make the park beautiful

Along with wisteria and rosebay, you’ll also find a variety of other beautiful flowers that decorate the park.

Ashikaga Flower Park
You can see flowers that you may not have seen before
Ashikaga Flower Park
The park is kept absolutely clean, so that you can enjoy the beautiful flowers.

The flower park is going to great lengths to create detailed and intricate displays of flowers.

Ashikaga Flower Park
Wisteria flowers that look like grapes.

5:Souvenirs that smell so good

They have interesting souvenirs that are sold exclusively in the store at the front entrance, and at other shops throughout the park.
For example, you can find bookmarks that imitate wisteria flowers, scarves dyed with wisteria, and air fresheners that smell like wisteria flowers.

Fuji-no-hana Monogatari is their most popular souvenir!

You can see cactus and hydrangea flowers at the entrance. I’ve never seen cactus and hydrangea flowers during this season! Hydrangea flowers peak from June.

The Store
The colorful cactus and hydrangea flowers.

I’ve been to flower park several times, but this time was the best. It was very neatly organized and easy to relax. It also wasn’t very busy.

You can visit Ashikaga Flower Park by car or train in just 90 minutes from Tokyo, so please try to visit!

Flower shop
Kibana Fuji is best in May

Don’t miss the 2,500 roses comprised of different 400 species in the rose garden this season!

“Hikari-no-hana-no-niwa” garden is also a must see!

If you want to visit during other seasons, please check out this link!

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Address 607 Hasamacho, Asikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 〒329-4216
Hours From the second half of March to the second half of November 9:00~16:00.
From the second half of November to early March 10:00~ 17:00
Price Entry fee: 300yen~1,700yen ※It’ll depend on how much the flowers are in bloom on each particular day.
Close -
Access 13 min walk from JR Ryomo Line Tomita station
Phone 0284-91-4939
Website http://www.ashikaga.co.jp/english/index.html