Authentic specialties from all over Japan are in Asakusa! 【Marugoto Nippon】

The shopping mall, Marugoto Nippon is located by the famous Sensoji Temple. This mall specializes in selling hidden specialties from all over Japan, introducing good old Japanese traditions and products to newer generations of people.

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Exterior of Marugoto Nippon

1st Floor:A food market where you can find rare ingredients!
2nd Floor:A piece of work that shows traditional Japanese wisdom.
3rd Floor:The floor to learn about local people and relax
4th Floor:Enjoy healthy Japanese food from Famous restaurants all over Japan!

The mall opened in Asakusa on December 17th, 2015. We visited Marugoto Nippon to find delicious foods from all over Japan!

1st Floor:A food market where you can find rare ingredients!

To begin with, we visited the food market, Nippon Shoku Ichiba, Rakuichi. On the right hand side to the entrance we found the Asakusa Farm store, where the staff was offering samples.

※an article:Nice, small cafes hidden in the alleys of Asakusa

Company store

We tried dried bonito and were very surprised by it’s similar taste to smoked raw ham. According to the staff, you can make a delicious “osuimono” soup with just a pinch of it. I definitely recommend this as a souvenir!

*Osuimono:A Japanese soup boiled with broth, salt, soy sauce, and miso. You can enjoy it with seafood and vegetables.

Merchandise from Asakusa Farm
Their most popular product, “Taberu Katsuobushi” for only 702 yen.

You can find the popular, sesame mayonnaise, along with other kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits.

We found a store in front of Asakusa Farm called Kanjuku-ya, which specializes in honey from Ehime Prefecture.

The 100% freshly squeezed juice and seaweed from Sadamisaki Peninsula are very popular at Kanjuky-ya.

I was looking for pure honey that isn’t processed by heat. The pure honey contains more nutrients and enzymes. I tried “Haruhana-nohachimitsu” (898yen/120g) and “Natsuhana-no-hachimitsu” (918yen/120g).
The honey harvested during the summer contains more nutrients, because the bees consume more nutrients during this season.

Only the pure and mature parts of the honey is extracted, giving it a more natural taste.

After picking up some great honey, I found another rare food while walking around the 1st floor. You can have a freshly baked Kiritanpo from Akita Prefecture at a rice shop called Kometanpo.

*Kiritanpo is a roll of baked mashed rice and is a local cuisine of Akita.

You can see the staff baking Kiritanpo from the front counter.

If I had more time, I would’ve liked to try “Nikumaki-shioyu-tanpo” (1000yen for 5p) and “Hakko-tonyu-to-anko-notanpo” (750yen for 3p).

It’s so much fun trying all the different types of food on the 1st floor!

You can enjoy many different types of Kiritanpo

2nd Floor:A piece of work that shows traditional Japanese wisdom.

After filling yourself up on the 1st floor, let’s go up stairs! You can experience traditional Japanese culture and techniques by checking out the wide variety of hot spring related goods, cosmetics, and kitchen tools at “Kurashi-no-dogu-gai Warai”.

“Shinsyu Mokko-kan” offers a variety of wooden products made in Nagano Prefecture.
There are so many hand-made items and I was very impressed by the detail in the work!

Original products by craftsmen.

The photo studio, “Yume-sharaku” can be found on the same floor. They specialize in capturing the essence of Japan in their photography, which’ll make for good memories if you have your pictures taken here.

There are specialties from all over Japan on the same floor. They rank all the stores at the front entrance, so go check it out to find your favorite.

Sichoson Corner
Sichoson Corner
The ranking chart
Ranking the top 20

3rd Floor:The floor to learn about local people and relax

You can find carefully chosen items from all over Japan at “Taiken-hiroba Asakusa Nippon-ku”. Tourist information is available at the “Furusato Kanko Counter”, and their outdoor patio is a nice place to relax. You can participate in workshops at “Cooking studio Oishi-no-tsukurikata”, where you’ll find a variety of courses ranging from local cuisine, sweets, and sushi.

A workshop for local cuisine.

Workshops range from 1500 yen to 3500 yen for 1 lesson and are about 90 minutes long.
Please make a reservation 2 days in advance if you are interested. They also offer workshops in English.


“Wakuwaku osoto” is an area where you can relax on the 3rd floor.

A relaxing patio area
It’s open to everyone.

4th Floor:Enjoy healthy Japanese food from Famous restaurants all over Japan!

You can enjoy 7 different local cuisines at “Furusato Shokudo-gai Midori-michi”. From seafood ramen shops that use fish directly imported from Japan’s harbors, to a macrobiotic Italian & natural café, all of them have their own special taste. On the same floor, you can also visit a small garden where you can view the Tokyo Skytree.

You can view the scenery of Asakusa

Marugoto Nippon has so many interesting stores, and you can also experience Japanese tradition from it’s amenities and interior design.

Japanese pottery used in the vanities

To my surprise, most of the customers were Japanese. I hope that more foreigners will come and experience traditional Japanese customs and culture.

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