Nippori Seni-gai Street, where you can experience Nippori downtown life and atmosphere. Check out the cheap clothing!

Yanaka Ginza has recently become more popular as a touristic destination. Have you ever heard of Nippori Seni-gai, located on the opposite side of Yanaka Ginza?
This street has a history of 100 years, with more than 80 shops that sell clothing. This type of street is quite rare in Japan.
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There are so many shops to see on Nippori Seni-gai!
“Habutae Dango”, the Tokyo dumpling with a history of 200 years
A historical cemetery and popular café

Nippori Chuo Dori Street

There are so many shops to see on Nippori Seni-gai!

Once you leave Nippori station from the South Exit and turn right at the Café, you’ll reach Nippori Seni-gai street. There are quite a few shops to see, and you might not be able to decide which one to go to first.
Among all the shops, this Japanese clothing shop caught our eyes.

It’s great for souvenirs!

There are some used Kimono shops where you can buy Kimono at really cheap prices.
There are also some other shops where you can buy the necessary accessories for Kimono, such as obi obihimo, and zouri.

 A second hand Kimono shop

They have a variety of clothing from expensive to antique that are about 108 yen per meter.
Looks like you might be able to find something you like.

Next, we found was this leather shop.
There are a variety of leather items in front of the shop, and their prices are cheap.

 You can find some expensive leather items at cheap prices.

This street is known as “the street of fabric”, so it’s the best place to find textiles and clothing!


There are also shops that sell rice cookies and tea, so it’s a good place to find gifts.

You can try sake here!
Rice cookies
Rice cookies, tea, and other souvenirs.

●Nippori Seni-gai
5-33-10 Higashi Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo text only)

“Habutae Dango”, the Tokyo dumpling with a history of 200 years

You can have a tea and dumplings at HABUTAE 1819.

Dumpling shop
Why not try a Habutae Dumpling?

You can eat inside the shop, but we decided on 2 skewers of Habutae Dango (540 yen) for take out.

Habutae Dango (540 yen/ 2 pieces)

The dumpling is made of rice powder, one with a soy sauce flavor and another with anko.
The soy sauce flavor doesn’t taste salty, but very smooth.
Anko is also very delicious with its sweet smooth taste.

6-60-6, Higashi Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
11:00-18:00/No scheduled holidays text only)

A historical cemetery and popular café

After passing through Nippori station from the West Exit, we headed to Yanaka Cemetery.

Yanesen Map

The cemetery has about 7,000 gravestones. There is also temple near the large statue of the Buddha.
The last samurai of Edo rests in peace in Yanaka Cemetry. Check the link below for more details.


If you go further, you will see a handmade senbei shop.
It’s good for both gifts and souvenirs.


I also recommend Kayaba Coffee, founded in 1938. The building is a 2-story, 100 year-old Japanese house. People are usually waiting outside to get in.
We wanted to try the popular menu item, “Russian” (500 yen), but maybe next time. It’s a mixture of coffee and cocoa.

●Kayaba Coffee
6-1-29, Yanaka Taito-ku, Tokyo
Mon- Thr 8:00-23:00/Sun 8:00-18:00
No scheduled holidays. text only)

A retro coffee shop

Nippori has very interesting cultural aspects to it. If you search more, you’ll find something that you’ll really like. Please check it out!

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