Travel around in Japan by comparing prices and reserving a car with, Tabirai Japan Car Rental.

You’ll be able to find a perfect car for you by an easy procedure by “Tabirai Japan Car Rental”! You can easily compare the lowest rental car prices and make reservations online, so enjoy traveling to areas that are difficult to get to by foot!

2018-09-12   Travel Tips, sponsored

Okinawa_Niraikanai bridge

Enjoy driving Japan by renting a car!

I introduced the article “Create your own trip! Drive around Japan freely by rental car.” We got a large response from Tadaima Japan readers, so I’ll introduce a few more details about Tabirai Japan Car Rental.

Tabirai Japan Car Rental

Tabirai Japan Car Rental collectively compares a large amount of leading car rental companies and provides reservations.

You can easily compare the lowest rental car prices and make reservations online. All it takes are a few steps! (below)

STEP1:Enter your reservation dates, the vehicle type, location for pick-up and drop off.
STEP2:Confirm from a list of rental cars.
※A list of rental cars according to your request will be displayed.
After comparing prices and car rental companies, choose one which best
matches your preference.
STEP3:Check the details for your car.
※It is possible to make arrangements for extra options like a child seat.
Check where the service office is located in this step.
STEP4:Enter the reservation information.
※You’ll only need to enter your name, mail address, telephone number, and flight
number! You won’t need to enroll as a member, or enter credit-card information.
STEP5:Your reservation procedure is now complete!
※You won’t need to re-confirm your reservation.

This website provides pages for each of the 47 prefectures in Japan. You can search for your car in the prefecture you are planning to visit. This is very useful when searching for service offices around stations and airports.

Okinawa_Ikeitairagawa Kaichu road


It is the best that you can drive a rental car with safe feeling!

Great advantages to Tabirai Japan Car Rental are as follows:

① All cars are equipped with navigation in English, guaranteed!
② Only leading car rental companies in Japan that cater to tourists from abroad are listed!
Furthermore, you can rent with confidence, because all the price listings include the
rental car charge, basic insurance fee, collision damage waiver (CDW),
car navigation system, and consumption tax.
③ It is available in English!

You’ll be able to enjoy Japan to the fullest with a rental car. Travel to areas that are difficult to get to by foot. Easily get to top notch restaurants you find in your guide book.

If you have a particular area you are going to, please refer to the following links:

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・Please refer to the following.
Traffic Regulations and Signs in Japan
・Please be sure to check the below link if you don’t have a Japanese driver’s license and would like to rent a car in Japan.
For those with a foreign driver’s license (

【Tabirai Japan Car Rental】


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