Onsen-Sento: try an outdoor bath at the bottom of the Tokyo Sky Tree!

Wandering the Sumida ward, you may feel tired and want relax for a while. You can have a relaxing, Sento (public bath) experience in just a 10 min walk from the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower!

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Soaking in Onsen water in Tokyo
An outdoor bath at the bottom of the famous tower.
It’s very convenient!
How to use the public bath?

Soaking in a big bath tub with neighbors is one custom of the Edo (Old time Tokyoties) people. The tradition has been handed down over several generations in Tokyo. (See our article: the Art and Manner of Bathing in Japan). You can experience this bathing only 10mn on foot from the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.

The bath wall has a Mt. Fuji painting

Soaking in Onsen water in Tokyo

The Daikoku-yu  is a sento (a public bath) where you can bathe while gazing up at the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower.

the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower is painted on the shutter door

The building was built in 1949. Since then, the water from the well has helped the locals to reduce everyday physical fatigue. The water was certificated as hot spring water due to its components in 2012. It makes your skin softer.

An outdoor bath at the bottom of the famous tower.

the outer bath

The main attraction of this public bath is its outdoor bath. There is only one so be careful: on odd-numbered days it’s open for men, and on even-numbered days it’s open for women!

the wood deck

The wood deck where you are able to cool down your body after bathing, is available on the second floor. You can see the Tokyo Sky Tree tower between the wood beams.

It’s very convenient!

Daikoku-yu offers many convenient amenities for bathing. Rental towels (large and small) for 50 yen, body soap, shampoo, and hair dryers are free. Furthermore, it’s equipped with laundry machines just next to the building. Bathing at this sento is easy and comfortable for all guests, including travelers.

How to use the public bath?

The public bath is open to all people, but you should follow the basic rules. If you are going to a public bath or onsen for your first time, please read this article and learn about it in advance.



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3-12-14 Yokokawa, Sumida, Tokyo

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Address 3-12-14 Yokokawa, Sumida, Tokyo
Hours 15:30-24:00
Price Adult:460 yen/ Student:180 yen/ Baby:80 yen
【Option】Sauna Access: 200 yen
Close Closed on Mondays (except Mondays on the national holidays), Closed the following Tuesday when Monday is a national holiday
Access ・A 6min walk from exit B2 of "Oshiage station" : Tokyo metro Hanzomon line - Tobu Isezaki line - Toei Asakusa line - Keisei Oshiage line
・A 10min walk from the Tokyo Sky Tree tower
Phone 03-3622-6698
Website http://daikokuyu.com/english/index.html