【Tadaima Japan×Japonism in Beauty】Free trial! How about making your debut at a hair salon in Tokyo?

Tadaima Japan is recruiting applicants for a trial hair care experience (haircut, hair & scalp care, and head massage) at a top-class, fashionable hair salon in Tokyo.
Let’s try topnotch hair care service at a famous beauty salon in a fashionable town.
Japanese hair salons are regarded for their highly skilled beauticians and polite service.


This is a collaboration between Tadaima Japan and Japonism in Beauty, which was founded by Hiroko. She hopes that people from different countries can experience the exceptional beauty care services offered in Japan.
Hiroko is a professional beautician and an expert at not only caring for hair, but also at many other aspects in the industry, like beauty salon treatments and cosmetics. This is a free trial to receive hair care services (haircut, hair & scalp care, and head massage) at a top-class hair salon in Tokyo, recommended by Hiroko.
Hiroko will be with you at the consultation as your interpreter, so you’ll be able to express your requests and concerns.

This opportunity is for:
・A person who can’t speak Japanese and wants to explain the style of haircut they want.
・A person who doesn’t know which hair salon to go to, because there is just too many of them.
・A person who is apprehensive, because of a lack of experience at a Japanese hair salon.
・A person who wants a free trial at an opportunity to experience hair care in Japan.
・A person who wants to give themself a new look now.

To apply, please use the application form below and submit it by Monday, August 29 if you’re interested in this free trial!
If there are too many applicants, Tadaima Japan will hold a drawing. We will contact the winners by August 31.

a hair salon

Application conditionAble to press the like button on Tadaima Japan Facebook.

●Place: A famous beauty salon at Daikanyama or Omotesando

●Contents of the trial (Plan 1 or Plan 2):
Plan 1: Haircut & Hair aesthetics
Plan 2: Haircut (for a person who wants to give themself a new look)

●Time for this opportunity: Weekdays in September
(* We will set the schedule after consulting the winners.)

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Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

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