Need to exchange currency? Travelex Japan handles 33 major currencies!

Travelex Japan is a branch of Travelex, which is based in England. Travelex is a foreign exchange company that deals with online foreign exchange, prepaid cards for both international and domestic phone calls, offers partial international money transfers via Western Union, as well as many other services. I’d like to introduce Travelex offices at some major airports and at a branch in Kyoto.

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The reception area

Travelex specializes in foreign currency exchange
Travelex TiS Kyoto

33 different currency exchanges available

Travelex specializes in foreign currency exchange

Travelex Japan handles 33 different foreign currency exchanges in major cities and airports. They have in total of 76 branches (As of July, 2016).

You can apply for currency exchange online 24 hours a day, and get the rate on the same day you made the purchase. To receive purchased currency, you can do so at one of their branches or airports. Payments can be done via bank, cash, or even with credit cards like VISA and MasterCard. You can also get airline mileage if you buy currency through the ANA or JAL websites.

Here is the list of Airports where you can use Travelex:

・Kanto Area
Narita Airport (At Terminals 1 and 2)
Haneda Airport

・The Tokai & Hokuriku Areas
Chubu International Airport

・The Kansai Area
Kansai Airport
Osaka Airport

・The Hokkaido Area
Shin-chitose Airport

・The Chugoku, Kyushu Areas
Hiroshima Airport
Okayama Airport
Fukuoka Airport

It’s very convenient to exchange money before your departure or arrival!

You can also exchange traveler’s checks (Only from specified banks).
You can buy prepaid cards for both international and domestic phone calls, and international money transfers via Western Union, so please visit their website for more details.
There are 1,500 oversea branches, so you don’t have to worry. Check here for international branches.

JR Kyoto station Karasuma exit
JR Kyoto station Karasuma exit

Travelex TiS Kyoto

As an example, I’d like to show you the branch in Kyoto that attracts a lot of foreign tourists. The Travelex TiS branch is right next to the JR Kyoto station, Karasuma exit. There is also another branch at the west exit. If you are using a city bus or the metro, this one is more convenient. JR Kyoto station is connected to the metro, and you can walk there in 5 minutes, so don’t worry if you don’t have money to buy a bus/metro ticket!

Recommended Tourist Sites in Kyoto
・A former Miko will guide you through the most popular destinations for foreign visitors; “Fushimi Inari-taisha” !
・The most noble temple in Japan “Nanzen-ji Temple”, has more to offer than just gardens!
・The image of Byodoin is on the 10-yen Japanese coin. It’s the land of perfect bliss that noble men dreamt about 1,000 years

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Address Higashishiokoji Kamadonocho
Hours 10:30~19:00
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Access JR Kyoto station Karasuma Exit
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