Getting around Tokyo on a budget

The rail way network in Tokyo is well developed, but very complicated. More than 15 different train companies operate trains within Tokyo.

Thanks to the network (inside the Yamanote railway loop line), you can get around everywhere, including popular spots like Ueno, Tsukiji, and Shibuya in just one day! It might save you travel time, but you may find yourself spending a lot of money by paying the minimum fare to change from one rail company to another.

The Yamanote Railway Loop Line
The Yamanote Railway Loop Line

How can you save money on transportation in Tokyo? I recommend an unlimited ride pass offered by Tokyo Metro, called the Tokyo Metro 24-hour ticket. Traveling with this pass is challenging, because you need to recognize the difference between the Tokyo Metro and other rail lines. It is worth the challenge, because you can see many attractions in Tokyo and save money at the same time.

Tokyo Metro 24-hour ticket

  • Adults: 700 yen Children: 350 yen
  • Available routes: All Tokyo Metro lines
  • Where to buy:Ticket machines at all Tokyo Metro stations

Tips for using the economical Tokyo Metro ticket!

Before recommending my route plan, I will give you tips on the Tokyo Metro underground stations.

First, the Tokyo Metro Log is important to know because two rail companies operate trains in underground Tokyo. You are only able to go through the electric gates that belong to the Tokyo Metro with the pass.

Second, each underground Tokyo train station has an combination of a letter and number that is identical to a line. For example, the Marunouchi line/Yotsuya Station is M 12 and the Nanboku line/Yotsuya Staion is N 08. See the Tokyo Subway Map here:, and plan your route using the map before your trip.

Note: The two underground rail companies, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway stations, appear on the same map.

A One-day tour of Tokyo; briefly see the city and have fun!

Let’s see how you can travel around using a Tokyo Metro 24-hour ticket. You can visit both the modern and historical sites of Tokyo, from the East to the West.

For the recommended route plan (below), blue means a departure station and red means an arrival station. The station that appears in blue will be linked to an informational website for that location.

Ueno:National museums and cultural institutions at Ueno Park【H17】

The national western art museum
The national western art museum, recently designated as a World cultural heritage site, is located in Ueno.

【H13】Ningyo-cho:Amazake yokocho street has a variety of traditional craft stores and old restaurants【H13】


【H10】 Tsukiji:The Tokyo fish market【H10】


【H08】Ginza:Prestigious shops that offer duty free products.【H8】

The Ginza high street
The Ginza high street

【H12】transfer trains at Kayabacho【T11】
【T05】Kagurazaka:A former red light district with a nostalgic atmosphere.【T05】


【T07】Kudanshita:The Yasukuni Shrine【Z06】


【Z01】Shibuya: The town of young Tokyoites and popular nightspots.

The Shibuya intersection
The Shibuya intersection

Other attractions near underground Tokyo Metro lines

You are allowed unlimited rides on Tokyo Metro trains. In other words, you have many choices of Tokyo attractions. Please check to see if your destination is near any of the Tokyo Metro stations. Tokyo sightseeing spots accessible by the Tokyo

Another benefit to this ticket is that you’re able to ride on trains from any Tokyo Metro station. If your just feeling tired of walking, get on a train and take a break.

Please note that if you prefer to stay at one or two sites for a couple of hours, the ticket is not very economical. I hope you can take a brief tour of Tokyo with this ticket and find your favorite town to stroll around in.

I introduced The Tokyo Metro 24-hour ticket in this article. The following articles show different unlimited ride tickets offered by other train companies. Each ticket covers different areas. Please find a ticket that best suits your travel destinations!

Toei One-day Pass
The Tokyo Metropolitan District Pass (Japan Railway)

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