20,000 candles ‘bloom’ every night for a 10-day period during summer.

“To-ka” is the flower-shaped form of wax that takes shape after the candle has burned out. If you can get your candle to make this shape, it’s a sign of good luck. We light a lot of candles to wish for happiness.

You will enjoy the fabulous and mystical night time scenery at To-kae in the ancient city of Nara. Visiting Nara during a daytime is usually recommended because it is a city of temples and shrine. However, during this period, staying until night will take you to the beautiful world of the candle-lightened city. I, as a citizen of Nara prefecture, would say the scenery is very different from the daytime.

You can light your own candle for 500 yen. Light a candle and wish it will make a To-ka (a flower) shape for your sake.
The Nara’s To-kae creates a very romantic and peaceful space by contrast to the Japan’s common summer events, like fireworks festivals.

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