The hair care trial with an interpreter for foreign visitors! Tokyo’s top hair salon experience for a “new you”!

Have you heard of the beauty concierge service, Japonism in Beauty? After many years of experience in the beauty industry in Japan and overseas, I (Hiroko MANO) founded this service to connect non Japanese speaking visitors to the best beauty salons in Tokyo with translation support. Today, I would like to show you what sort of experience you can expect from this service! Let’s have a look at how it went with Shun Chen from Taiwan and Jasmine from Hong Kong!

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Haircut, Head Spa, & Treatment plan at Door Daikanyama

We took Shun Chen to the hair salon “Door”, located in Daikanyama. Door is very famous for being one of the highest rated hair salons in terms of customer satisfaction. Mr. Yoshizawa will be doing Shun Chen’s hair today. He is the owner and is recognized as the industry hairdresser from technical seminars across Japan, who is also featured in many magazines.

Shun Chen’s hairstyle before. She has fine hair that lacks volume.
Shun Chen’s hairstyle before. She has fine hair that lacks volume.

A Thorough consultation

In order to have a good understanding of a client’s needs and to give advise on the ideal hairstyle, Mr.Yoshizawa spends a lot of time in consultation.


Scalp check to assess the scalp condition and to find improvements.

After shampooing, we check the scalp with a special camera to magnify the pores. Shun Chen is very surprised to see her pores, as it is her first time. Sebum and dirt that cannot be removed with regular shampoo clogs the pores, which leads to a greasy scalp, thinning hair, loss of shine, and loss of volume.

scalp check
scalp check

Experiencing Door’s original haircut

Door’s original “framing cut”, was developed by Mr. Yoshizawa and is famous for particularly dressing Asian hair and features. A long lasting hairstyle is also one of the benefits of the framing cut. Mr. Yoshizawa is cutting Shun Chen’s hair and it looks like her hair is dancing in his fingers! Little by little, some movements are created and her hair looks lively. Shun Chen, whose hair always gets tangled, looks amazed after her hair became so sleek!


Supreme head spa experience

After the haircut, it’s time for the head spa treatment. Using products from the world famous luxury brand Kerastase, we remove dirt from the scalp. The treatment includes a long and blissful scalp massage. Laying on a full reclining chair similar to a comfortable bed, Shun Chen almost falls asleep. After another special shampoo and treatment, the scalp is rejuvenated and her hair is revived!



After drying her hair, Mr. Yoshizawa uses a curling iron to create soft waves. It also shows how the hairstyle would look like if it was permed. Shun Chen looks very satisfied and happy!!


 final scalp check
final scalp check

Shun Chen’s review

• Overall Satisfaction
⇒I am very satisfied.

• Techniques
The consultation before haircut was very thorough and Mr. Yoshizawa made sure to have a good understanding of my wishes. He cut my hair very fast, not only with scissors, but with a razor. At the beginning I felt very anxious, however my hair soon took shape and some techniques that I had never seen before really surprised me. I looked forward to seeing the final result. The scalp massage was very relaxing too.

• Service menu
I was completely satisfied with the haircut and head spa. The hairdresser showed me my scalp with the camera and explained the condition of my scalp. Before each procedure, he always explained it, so I never got nervous about what was going on.
I really felt like I wanted to try a coloring, or perm at this salon.

• Salon service
⇒Everybody in the salon was very friendly.
I really felt their true hospitality. The staff really cares about it’s customers.

• Salon Atmosphere
⇒It was a relaxing environment. The distance between each client was also ideal.

• Most impressive thing in this experience
⇒Mr. Yoshizawa’s skills. I felt for the first time that a haircut can actually provide self-confidence.

• Difference from previous salons
⇒I was never really picky about my hair, so I used to always ask for a specific length for my bangs and left the rest up to the hairdresser. In other salons, I was never surprised by the results. It was just like I said. For the first time, I discovered a new and better “me” that I had never imagined before.

• Head spa efficacy
⇒My scalp was clean and it created volume at the roots.

• Would you recommend this service to foreign women?
⇒Yes. I really think it’s a wonderful idea that one can receive quality service without apprehension or worries, even without speaking Japanese.



Haircut experience in dot+LIM Omotesando

“Dot+LIM” is a hair salon popular among very stylish and fashionable customers, with many salons abroad. Mr. So will be doing Jasmine’s hair. Mr. So used to live in Singapore and has a lot of experience with foreign people’s hair. Jasmine doesn’t speak Japanese, so I will translate for her.

Jasmine before haircut. She has straight and short hair.
Jasmine before haircut. She has straight and short hair.

A consultation to reveal the unknown part of you.

At LIM, in order to determine the perfect hairstyle that suits the customer, the hairdresser tries to understand his/her lifestyle and things that he/she likes or doesn’t like. Jasmine has a creative job and she wears glasses every day. She wanted a new hairstyle to suit her face while wearing glasses. Mr. So draws a sketch to show Jasmine his idea for her hairstyle.


Relaxing Shampoo

Laying on a full reclining shampoo seat, the staff gently washes Jasmine’s hair with LIM’s original shampoo made of natural herbs. With the fragrance of herbs, LIM’s style of shampooing, and scalp massage, Jasmine seems completely relaxed.


A haircut just for you.

Mr. So cuts Jasmine’s hair according to the style he drew earlier, keeping in mind that she wants a style to complement her face while wearing glasses. It’s Jasmine’s first time having her hair done in a Japanese hair salon, so she looks very curious and excited.



After drying and texturizing her hair, it’s styling time. Mr. So uses a curling iron to create waves. It’s the first time for Jasmine to experience this type of hairstyling, so she’s very interested! Soft and gentle curls were created with Jasmine’s naturally straight hair. Jasmine also understands that it would look like with a perm. She is very happy to meet a “new Jasmine”, who completely matches her style.

• Overall satisfaction
⇒I enjoyed it a lot and I don’t have to worry about having a haircut again, even in a foreign country.

• Techniques
⇒The hairdresser is professional and considerate. He drew a sketch of of the final style he wanted to achieve. He took into consideration that I wear glasses every day and designed a new hair style just for me.

• Service menu
⇒I had a shampoo, haircut, and styling. I enjoyed all 3, and the shampoo smelled very nice.

• Salon service
⇒A very effective haircut by nice and friendly staff.

• Salon Atmosphere
⇒The salon is located in a fashionable region in Tokyo, and I felt comfortable in the casual environment. All the staff are easy going.

• The most impressive thing in this experience
⇒The hairdresser showed me his sketch of my haircut. They didn’t hard sell their services. They are humble and friendly.

• Difference from the previous salons
⇒I didn’t have to wait for long. I was all finished in about an hour. Very efficient.

• I’d recommend Japonism in Beauty to foreigners. I like that, there is no language barrier when it comes to having an enjoyable haircut experience in Tokyo.


In some famous hair salons, it happens that they refuse clients who don’t speak Japanese,as they are professional and are afraid of miscommunications leading to a non satisfactory experience.
Japonism in Beauty introduces you to recognized salons, known for their high skills and support you for communication in Japanese, so solves that kind of difficulties.
What about meeting a new you as well at your next visit to Tokyo??

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