A half day walk-and-eat tour in the Sumo town of Ryogoku! Don’t miss the historical sites, museums, and foodie destinations. Vol. 2

Ryogoku is famous for Sumo, but Japanese people don’t know much about the history and places we can walk around in Ryogoku.
I introduced some nice places in Ryogoku, last time.
A half day walk-and-eat tour in the Sumo town of Ryogoku! Vol.1
This time, I will introduce other interesting places besides sumo, and my recommendation for restaurants in Ryogoku.


The Former Yasuda Garden gives us inner peace

Originally, the Former Yasuda Garden was a feudal lord’s palace during the Edo period.
After that, it was converted to a public Japanese garden by Zenjiro Yasuda during the Meiji Period.
It is a circuit style garden so you can enjoy walking around it.

Former Yasuda Garden
Former Yasuda Garden

It is a very peaceful place, so you can easily forget the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.
This garden also has a walkway for wheelchair users, so all visitors can enjoy their time.
You can see fish and turtles swimming in a pond arranged in the center of the garden.
Please take a walk around this beautiful Japanese garden!

Former Yasuda Garden

  • Address:1-12-1, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, 130-0015 Tokyo
  • Opening hours:9:00-16:30
  • Closing dates:29th December~1st January
  • Admission fee:free

Ryogoku terrace is a place where you can become healthier!

Ryogoku terrace café
You can see the greenery of the Former Yasuda Garden from the terrace.

Ryogoku terrace is a complex facility with a restaurant, café, and a support facility for joggers.
The Kanoya athlete restaurant, the Ryogoku terrace café, and the Run cube are all located here.
The Kanoya athlete restaurant provides dietary dishes with healthy foods based on the nutritional science of sports.
The Run cube is a facility that supports joggers who enjoy jogging along the Sumida river.
You can rent jogging wear and shoes from the Run cube.

The Ryogoku terrace café also provides healthy dishes using seasonal ingredients, I recommend their home-made sweets.

The chiffon cake
The chiffon cake (560yen)

I ordered the chiffon cake, which was recommended by the shop manager.
It was very delicious! Please visit and try this cake!
There are various menu items including hearty meals like steak entrées.
If you want to have a BBQ party here, you can do it at this cafe!

This café prepares Kotatsu on the terrace during the autumn and winter.
A kotatsu is a traditional Japanese heating appliance. It is a low table with a thick blanket laid over it with heat radiating from underneath. Visitors can sit on the floor with their legs extended.
It is a good place to talk with your family, and friends.

Ryogoku terrace café

  • Address:1-12-21 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, 130-0015 Tokyo
  • Opening hours:(Weekdays)7:00-11:00L.O.
    (Saturday, Sunday and National holiday)/11:30-14:30L.O.(Lunch)/17:30-23:00 (22:00L.O./Dinner)
  • Closing dates:29th December~1st January
  • Admission fee:free
  • Websitewww.ryogokuterrace.jp/(Japanese text only)

Ryogoku is the best place for Chanko-nabe

Chanko-nabe is a hot pot dish traditionally eaten by sumo wrestlers.
In many cases, sumo wrestlers eat this dish to develop their physique.
As it is now, Chanko-nabe is widely known as a healthy food in Japan.
There are many Chanko-nabe restaurants, as well as sumo stables in Ryogoku.
This time I visited the Chanko Kirishima, which is close to the JR Ryogoku station.
You can see the beautiful night views of Ryogoku and the TOKYO SKYTREE tower from a private room in this restaurant on the eighth floor.
I ordered the Chanko Kirishima course, costing 4,320yen per person.
First, thick-sliced sashimi was brought to us. It was delicious and fresh!
While I was eating salty-sweet fried Chicken wings as an appetizer, the main dish, Chanko-nabe, was already on the table.

Chanko Kirishima
You can enjoy Chanko-nabe’s seasoning with the course.

All servings shown in the photos are adequate for two people.

The soup brought out the flavor of the various ingredients, including the scallops… it was delicious!
All ingredients in the chanko nabe are low fat! As generally accepted practice, Japanese people finish a hot pot dish and put noodles or rice into the left-over soup. After you finished eating the delicious seafood, vegetables, and meatballs in the chankonabe, a waitperson will come and ask you “Rice or noodles, which do you want to put in the Chanko-nabe?”.
I chose rice, and the staff cooked Zosui for me.
Zosui is a kind of rice porridge. Japanese people use hot pot soup to make tasty Zosui.
Japanese people enjoy the flavor of the ingredients with the rice porridge until the end.

Chanko Kirishima

  • Address:2-13-7, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:Monday to Saturday 11:30-23:00(last call 22:30)
    Sunday and National holidays 11:30-22:30 (last call 22:00)
  • Closing dates:29th December~1st January
  • Admission fee:free
  • Websitewww.j-kirishima.com/c/index.html#&slider1=4

The top 3 Chanko-nabe in Ryogoku

Check it out beer lovers! You’ll find 70 kinds of beers here.

The beer club Popeye is a popular beer bar in Ryogoku.
They have 70 kinds of Japanese craft beers and a variety of hand-made dishes.
You can also try some beer from around the world.
Lunch is also available and is only 500yen! It’s a very good deal, isn’t it?
There is special set from 17:00 to 20:00 and it’s called the “Oh’ sama” set.
When you order a beer with a crown mark on the menu, you can get a half order of a dish for free!
This bar is always bustling with customers. Smoking is available on the terrace.

Beer club Popeye
SX Heaven is beer flavored ice cream for 350yen

I’m not a huge fan of beer, but I enjoyed a fruity beer and beer flavored ice cream. I will try other dishes and sweets next time.
I hope you have a wonderful time here!

Beer club Popeye

  • Address:102 Haitsu ryogokuekimae 2-18-7, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:Monday to Saturday 11:30- Limited Supply of food
    (Lunch)/17:00-23:30(last call 23:00)
  • Closing dates:Sunday and National holiday
  • Admission fee:free
  • Websitewww.lares.dti.ne.jp/~ppy/

This time, I found new attractions in Ryogoku.
There are many other sightseeing spots besides sumo attractions. Please visit the beautiful garden, experience a water-bus from the Ryogoku area, and nice restaurants with delicious food.

Please enjoy your time in Ryogoku!

You can get information on everything about sumo here:



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