A Kimono store and a sophisticated Japanese-style bar, both in the heart of Shimokitazawa.

Packed with stylish cafes and shops, but retaining a down to earth atmosphere, Shimokitazawa is a bustling, lively town, popular with many young people. It’s only a 6-minute express train ride from Shibuya.
There are two places I’d like to introduce that are a short walk down a side street from Shimokitazawa station. The Kimono rental and re-sale shop Mitsugetsu (蜜月), and tapas style bar and restaurant Akatsuki (紅月). They are right next door to each other, so why not take a break with a drink and bite to eat at Akatsuki, after an enthusiastic hunt for cool Kimono at Mitsugetsu?

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A blend of Japanese and Western styles, new and vintage Kimono at Mitsugetsu.

Mitsugetsu is a one-minute walk from the South exit of Shimokitazawa station. Mannequins dressed in lavish patterned casual summer Kimono called Yukata are displayed outside, and are illuminated by the orange glow coming from within the shop. Somehow you’ll feel, this is Shimokitazawa!


There are Kimono of all designs and colors on the shelves, as well as many Obi, the Kimono’s traditional sash. Mitsugetsu handles brand new and vintage Kimono. There are various patterns to choose from, including spider web and slightly unusual patterns, which have a kind of detailed, repetitive design.
The store is full of Kimono and Yukata that would be hard to find anywhere else!


A spider web patterned Kimono
Designs with cranes and turtles, symbols of long life, and bamboo, plums, pine trees, often used at celebrations.

Anyone not used to wearing Kimono, who may be at a loss when it comes to balancing its color and pattern with a suitable Obi, can turn to the shop owner Michiyo-San, who has a great sense of coordination and can help find the perfect match to suit you. Please, let her be your guide!

The owner Michiyo-San, shows her unrivaled sense of taste.

The shop often holds sales and flea markets, where used Kimono may go for as little as 1000 yen, with other surprisingly priced goods, they’re worth keeping an eye out for.

Formal wear available to rent include:
-Hakama, a kind of pleated skirt worn over the Kimono for graduation ceremonies.
-Hōmongi, a colorfully patterned Kimono often worn to weddings.
-Furisode, a long-sleeved brightly colored Kimono worn by young women to celebrate Coming of Age Day the year they turn 20.
-Irotomesode, Kimono worn by married women at festive occasions.

There are now many fashion conscious people who also wear Kimono everyday. For such customers, we recommend a stylish and refined Kimono here.

Bracelets made from healing stones, many other accessories, and everyday items are also for sale.
Scarves and bags to suit western clothing, umbrellas, and other desirable goods are also on display.

My companion for the day brought along a Yukata she previously picked up very cheap at this shop, and was lucky enough to be dressed in it as a special favor. (Please note, this service is usually not provided).



Looks great! And the Yukata’s pattern is really amazing!
If you’re looking for a Kimono with lots of personality, you should take a look in Mitsugetsu.


  • Spot name:Resale and rental Kimono Mitsugetsu (リサイクル着物とレンタル 蜜月)
  • Address:1A South-side Terrace, 2-12-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
  • Getting there:A 1-minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station South Exit. Head South, make a left turn at the DoCoMo shop, then take the second left down a paved alleyway.
  • Opening hours:4pm-8pm Fri-Sun (irregular hours Tues-Thurs)
  • Closing dates:Mondays
  • Websitehttp://meetsgets.seesaa.net/

Enjoy the taste of Japanese home-cooking in the intimate and cozy ambiance of Akatsuki tapas bar.

We’re now ready to roll into the Akatsuki tapas bar next door. Tonight there is a moon viewing event taking place, so women wearing Kimono are everywhere inside. We’re greeted by the Akatsuki staff, also dressed in Kimono from Mitsugetsu. Time for a drink!



There’s table and counter seating available. Although the space is small, It’s a relaxing atmosphere. Once you’ve sat down, you may find it’s a long time before you’ll want to get up again.

The Owner Miho-San in her Kimono for the moon viewing party.

The owner doubles as the chef, and along with her staff, takes care of everything. Much attention has been paid to the attractive interior, which is welcoming and casual.
They take pride at Akatsuki in their carefully prepared food, from simple side dishes that have a nostalgic, homely feel, to more complicated offerings too time-consuming to be made at home. These extra special dishes are on the menu for tonight’s moon viewing party.

At a moon viewing party it’s customary to prepare dumplings, the yellow ones here are mixed with pumpkin.

When the weather’s good, there’s terrace seating outside, so you can enjoy a drink under the stars.

Terrace seating at the front of the bar.

Tapas dishes are 500 yen each from their daily menu. There are more filling main course options, as well as side dishes to satisfy those who want to enjoy a quick drink, or perhaps a longer visit.

All kinds of small dishes that change each day.
Akatsuki’s popular curry and crispy pizza.

It’s the kind of bar you can pop in for a drink or a meal by yourself, and you may even find yourself becoming a regular. It’s definitely one to check out.


  • Spot name:Okazu Bar Akatsuki (おかずバル 紅月)
  • Address:1B South-side Terrace, 2-12-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
  • Opening hours:Open 5pm, last orders 11.00pm.
  • Closing dates:Mondays
  • Telephone:03-5787-8686
  • Websitewww.akatsuki-smkt.tokyo/


South-side Terrace1A(Mitsugetsu),1B(Akatsuki)

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