Watch traditional Japanese performing arts at the Edo Tokyo Museum!

The Edo Tokyo Museum will host Noh and Kyogen Performances on stage this coming December. The performances will be played with English captions and the ticket price is reasonable. Do not miss this special opportunity.

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Kyogen: Busu

Kyogen “ Busu” © Traditional Performing Arts for Kids “ Public Performance”, 2010

A special cultural event offered by the Edo Tokyo Museum

Edo-Tokyo Museum
Edo-Tokyo Museum

The museum is located in the eastern part of central Tokyo. They primarily collect and exhibit things from the Edo period. The Edo period is the last society of Samurai in Japan from the 17th to mid 19th century. See our article about the museum experience at:

the museum experience

The organization aims to preserve traditional Japanese culture and offers opportunities to watch traditional performing arts every year.

This year’s performances are Noh and Kyogen.

What is Noh and Kyogen?

On the Noh stage, the main actors wear a variety of different masks and dance to music. The atmosphere of Noh is serious and austere. Find more about the history of Noh and the masks at: and

Noh: “Fujito” © Kameda Kunihei
Noh: “Fujito”
© Kameda Kunihei

In contrast, Kyogen is a kind of comedy. It was developed with the Noh performance, because Kyogen is usually performed between each Noh performance. Its friendly main character helps the audience relax before and after each Noh performance.

Kyogen “ Busu” © Traditional Performing Arts for Kids “ Public Performance”, 2010
Kyogen “ Busu”
© Traditional Performing Arts for Kids “ Public Performance”, 2010
Kyogen “Igui” ©Aramaki Kaori
Kyogen “Igui”
©Aramaki Kaori

Event Information

Noh and Kyogen will be played separately.
Both performances will be played with English and Japanese captions. A Noh and Kyogen guidebook for beginners will also be available. The museum says that every one from foreigners to Japanese people will enjoy it.

  • Date and Time:
    ・The Noh performing art, “Fujito”
    3rd December, 2016
    Theater opens at 12:30 and the play starts at 13:00
    ・The Kyogen performing art of “Busu” and “Igui”
    4th December, 2016
    Theater opens at 14:30 and the play starts at 15:00
  • Place: The Edo Tokyo Museum Hall on the first floor
  • Price: 2000 yen each day, Non-reserved seat only
    * Children younger than high school students, 1000 yen
  • Ticketing:*On a first-come-first-served basis
    ・confetti ticketing call center 0120-240-540
    ・ (Japanese text only)
    ・the Edo Tokyo museum shop on the first floor

Other attractions

There is free admission to the museum’s permanent exhibitions on the same day as the performance with the ticket. I recommend using the museum’s volunteer guiding service for your language. An advanced reservation is highly recommended.

Furthermore, there are a lot of other exciting spots to visit around the area. See the links in below:
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Eat light meals in nostalgic atmospheres!
You can try an outdoor bath at the bottom of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower!

This is a special opportunity to watch traditional Japanese performing arts. Don’t miss it!

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