Various events are held in Hakata during autumn! I will introduce two big events from the annual Hakata-Akihaku!

Hi! It’s HIDE from “Bura Bura Fukuoka”.
Hakata-Akihaku is held in October and November every year in the Hakata Ward of Fukuoka Prefecture. It consists of various festivals and events associated with history, culture, and food in Hakata.
You can experience traditional Japanese culture such as Nakasu Matsuri, famous for a portable shrine paraded by only women, and a Sumo Ring Ceremony at Sumiyoshi Shrine. You can also enjoy genuine German beer and sausages at the Fukuoka Oktoberfest.
I’ll introduce two big events in Hakata-Akihaku.
Walk around the ancient city of Hakata and enjoy a variety of events.
Fukuoka Now_ Hakata Akihaku Guide 2016

2017-04-21   Festivals & Events, Fukuoka,


The stone garden Sentotei, representing the Genkai-nada Sea at Jōtenji temple.

Hakata Light Up Walk; Temples, shrines, and gardens in the Hakata area will be illuminated!

The welcome gate of the town of temple and shrine, Hakata

The 11th annual event of Hakata-Akihaku, the “Hakata Light Up Walk”, is in 2016.
Thirteen temples, shrines, and gardens in the Hakata area are illuminated and the entire city is filled with a fantastic atmosphere. This year, the lighting will incorporate elements of the Hakata textile industry. Such a production evokes an alluring mood much different than during the daytime. You’ll be enraptured by the beauty.

The illuminated main hall of Tocho-ji temple

You can see beautiful lighting, which will take you into a world of another dimension at 13 sites; Jotenji temple, Kushida shrine, Tochoji temple, Myorakuji temple, Engakuji temple, Myotenji temple, Hongakuji temple, Shojoji temple, Ryuguji temple, Zendoji temple, Kaigenji temple and Katsuragi-jizo this year. The big attraction of this event is that you can go into areas that are not ordinarily open to the public. Don’t miss it!


The Great Fukuoka Buddha of Tochoji temple. (Not scheduled in this year’s event)

All sites are located within 30 minutes from Hakata station, so you’ll be able to enjoy a nice walk. The number of foreign participants is gradually increasing. Please participate in this event with your family and friends!

Hakata Light up Walk

  • Date& Time:
    Nov., 23-27, 2016 5:30pm-9:00pm (visitors must enter by 8:45pm) ※canceled only in case of heavy rain
  • Fee-Charging sites:
    Kushida Shrine, Jotenji, Tochoji, Myorakuji, Engakuji, Myotenji, Hongakuji, Shojoji, Ryuguji, Zendoji, Kaigenji
  • Non-Fee-Charging sites:
    Hakata Senen-Mon(The welcome gate), Katsuragi-jizo
  • Notes:
    Advanced ticket: 1000 yen / On the day ticket: 1300 yen
    Children younger than junior high school students with an adult, free of charge
    *The ticket sheet includes 11 tickets, one time admission to one site is allowed per ticket.
    *Tickets are valid during the event period.
  • Phone:Hakata Light Up Walk Committee 080-2754-2631
  • Website text only)

The is a must-see event for kimono fans! The “Hakata Weave Fair,” a new collection of Hakata-ori textiles.


Hakata weave represents traditional crafts of Hakata, dating back to the Kamakura Period (1185-1333).
Jotenji temple, the birthplace of Hakata weave, will hold the 114th annual Hakata weave fair. This is a new show for Hakata textiles.
This fair has a history of over 50 years with people in distribution or trading centers for woven fabric from all over Japan, and highly respected people who rigorously judge cultural products. Selected works are awarded the Prime Minister Prize and the Minister of Education Award, and are put on public display after the screening.

Hakata weave products are delicate and luxurious, and carry a 770-year history and tradition. Hakata weave has been dedicated to the feudal government, since the feudal lord Nagamasa Kuroda occupied the Chikuzen area (the present north-western part of Fukuoka Prefecture) in 1600.

Jotenji temple is a Zen temple that was founded by Shoichi Kokushi after training for 6 years in Sung, China and returning to Japan with the Hakata merchant, Yazaemon Mitsuda (the founder of Hakata weave). It’s been a temple in connection with Hakata weave up to today.


You can see the masterful dry landscape rock garden “Sentotei”, in Jotenji temple, which is usually not open to the public. You can also participate in voting for Hakata-obi at the open-air tea ceremony (Fee: 500yen) in this rock garden.
Furthermore, you can also see a beautiful dance performance of Hakata geisha on November 11. It’s a rarity!

The rock garden in Jotenji temple
Hakata geisha

If you are interested in Kimono and the history of Hakata, please visit Hakata in Autumn!

The 114th Hakata weave fair

  • Date& Time:Nov. 11-13, 2016 10:00pm-5:00pm (10:00am-3:00pm on Nov., 13)
  • Place:Jotenji temple (1-29-9 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • Getting there:10-minute walk from Hakata station
  • Phone:Hakata-ori Textile Industrial Association 092-409-5162
  • Website

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