Kameari is the setting for Kochikame manga series!

I’ll introduce a manga comedy written by Osamu Akimoto. “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikoen-mae Hashutsujo”(“Here is the police station in front of the Kameari Park in Katsushika-ku” in English) was set in the Kameari area in Tokyo.
I visited the Kameari Ginza shopping street and searched for an event based on this manga. There are some attractive places that are loved by local people.
I interviewed Mr. Shogo Satou, the Vice-president of Kameari Ginza shopping district’s promotional association. He runs the Japanese sweets shop Katsushika Iseya that is famous for dorayaki, which is branded with the manga character. Dorayaki is Japanese confectionary with sweet red bean paste between two small pancakes.

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The Ryo-san bronze statue in his childhood
The Ryo-san bronze statue in his childhood

Let’s explore the 15 manga character statues in Kameari!

Kochikame, which is a shortened name of this manga, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running comic series.
Ryo-san, the nickname of the main character, is loved by many Japanese people and could be considered the most famous police officer in Japan. He does things in the stories that ordinary people can’t even imagine like destroying the Metropolitan Police Department building and bankrupting the Japanese financial system. He seems to be a kind of crazy person, but very gentle minded towards unfortunate people. He helped a lot of people in the series. This may be a reason why he is loved by Japanese people. Many unique characters always surround him in this manga. The comic has been made into animations, movies, TV dramas, and plays. This manga is very familiar to many Japanese people.

There are 15 Kochikame character statues in Kameari. If you visit these statues, you will also find a shrine and restaurants. Please try visiting all 15 statues!

【Kochikame Website】
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hasshutsujo(Japanese text only)

The police station
The police station

Kameari has many places that make us feel like we’re in the manga world.

A police station and a park that reminds us of the sights in the manga series are near the Kameari station. These places are very popular with manga fans.
Moreover, some shops sell original Kochikame goods. You will find Ryo-san hug dolls, mobile phone charms, and coin banks, all available for purchase.

The Japanese sweets shop Iseya, sells azuki-bean jelly called Mizu-yokan and Dorayaki branded with Ryo-san’s face on the top.

The Ryo-san Dorayaki

Iseya was established in 1965. It has maintained the taste and recipes for it’s products, since it opened. Their products are loved by both locals and tourists. All products are handmade, and Japanese sweets chefs work hard in order to finish them.
I ate the popular Dorayaki at the shop. It contains a large chestnut and red bean paste. Its red bean paste Dorayaki is 172 yen, and the red bean paste with a chestnut Dorayaki is 216 yen.(As of October, 2016)
You can have Japanese sweets and a variety of dishes like Ramen, Japanese curry, rice bowl dishes, and vevalages at the restaurant in the shop.

Katsushika Iseya (葛飾伊勢屋)

  • Address:3-32-1 Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:8:00am-8:30pm
  • Closing dates:Tuesdays (once a month) and irregular holidays
  • Telephone:03-3602-4221
  • Website Katsushika Iseya (Japanese text only)

You can meet Ryo-san here!

Patrol staff wearing Ryo-san costumes walk around the area near Kameari station and Kameari Ginza shopping streets every Sunday afternoon from 12pm to 3pm. Many fans and tourists want to take a pictures with him so he’s always busy.
If you are lucky, you might also find the other popular characters Nakagawa-san and Reiko-san.

If you can’t find them around Kameari station and shopping streets, you can see them at the Kochikame game park at the Ario-Kameari shopping center, about a 10 minute-walk from the station. The characters appear on weekends from 2pm and from 4pm. The game park has arcade game machines such as crane games, a Japanese drum game, and  rides for children. I recommend that you go there with your family and friends.

Kochikame Game Park

  • Address:Ario-Kameari Aril moll 3rd Floor, 3-49-3 Kameari,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo
  • Opening hours:10:00am-10:00pm
  • Telephone:03-3602-5820
  • Websitewww.kochikame-gamepark.jp/ (Japanese text only)
The Kochikame Map written in traditional chinese
The Kochikame Map written in traditional chinese

Kameari is a popular tourist spot for Taiwanese people.

I was surprised that many Taiwanese tourists visit Kameari. Recently, 300-500 Taiwanese tourists have been coming to Kameari every day.
Iseya confectionary shop staff tries to explain their products in English to foreign tourists. The owner says, “We want to know how to make foreign tourists happier”. They positively try to provide polite service to them.
The Kochikame TV animation was on air in Taiwan and is very popular there. Moreover, some Taiwanese travel magazines and in-flight magazines from Taiwan to Tokyo introduce Kameari. A Kameari map in traditional Chinese at the Yu road service counter in Kameari is available.

The Yu road service counter

The Yu road service counter provides event information on Kameari and sells tickets.

This service counter prepares not only shopping street information, but also various tickets, such as Keisei bus tickets, entertainment tickets, and provides many other services. You can get original Kochikame goods at the counter.

Original Kochikame goods
Yu road service counter

  • Address:3-21-6 Kameari, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:Weekdays 12:00pm-7:00pm
    Sat/ Sun/ National holidays 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Closing dates:Open everyday
  • Telephone:03-5680-8685
Katori shrine
Katori shrine

Kameari has many fun spots for all generations of people.

The Kameari area has many places to visit, such as an old fashioned shopping street and the Katori shrine. The shrine is said to bring luck to those in competition, bringing general good luck, and helps people to avoid trouble.

The shopping district promotional association will organize an event called the Ryo-san beigoma match on the 13th of November. Beigoma is a kind of spinning top and is a traditional toy for Japanese children. If you win the match, you will get a gold beigoma as a prize.

●Venue: Kameari Lirio Park
●Time: 10:30am-(The match for adults:12:00pm-/The match for primary school children:1:30pm-)

Please check the details out on the official website.
Kameari district shopping council official website (Japanese text only)

I hope you can enjoy the events and the fun spots. Have a wonderful time at Kameari!

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