Don’t miss the Oshinari shopping street next to the Tokyo Sky Tree tower.

The Oshinari shopping street is located in front of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower. The locals are very friendly, so let’s go experience the heartwarming atmosphere!

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The cute, local mascot Oshinari-kun and his house 【The home of Oshinari-kun】

Let’s start a tour of the Oshinari shopping street from the home of Oshinari-kun. Oshinari-kun is the official mascot of the Sumida ward and the shopping street. His name is a combination of Oshiage and Narihira abbreviations. Oshiage and Narihira are both the surrounding areas of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower. Narihira was named after the famous ancient aristocrat of Japan, Oshinari, and is dressed in traditional clothing. He also wears a hat similar to the shape of the iconic Sky Tree tower. His house is located at the center of the shopping street. You can see him relaxing on the balcony.

The home of Oshinari-kun

Oshinari-kun’s home is a tourist information center and a community area for the locals. Local volunteers help operate it, so talk with them and can get useful, local information.
The various brochures introducing the neighborhood will also help you explore the town. This is a great rest area for relaxing and self-serve tea is ready to drink. Please take your time planning before strolling around the town.

Oshinari-kun souvenirs
Oshinari-kun souvenirs

The popular Oshinari-kun souvenirs are straps with an Oshinari-kun doll and a face towel.

Dango rice dumplings on a stick and green tea set, 350 yen
Dango rice dumplings on a stick and green tea set, 350 yen

I ordered a set menu: Dango rice dumplings on a stick and green tea. The tea leaves are from the tea shop, Kobayashi-en. The soy sauce on the dumplings is made at Mirin-do rice cracker shop. The soy source is an original, secret blend and smells very nice. Both shops are located on the Oshinari shopping street.
*Please note that cash is only accepted at Oshinari-kun’s home.

The home of Oshinari-kun

  • Address:2-15-6 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Getting there:A 5-min walk from Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line Oshiage station/ Toei Asakusa line Oshiage station/ Tobu Railway Oshiage station
    A 2-min walk from Keisei Electric Railway Oshiage station
  • Closing dates:Tuesdays, New Year’s holiday
  • Telephone:03-6751-9811
  • Website (Japanese text only)
  • # A family owned tea shop is eager to find good quality tea leaves. 【Kobayashi-en Honten】
    Kobayashi-enThe green tea at the Oshinari-kun’s home was delicious, so I visited the tea shop Kobayashi-en. Packs of tea leaves, seaweed, teacups, and teapots are neatly arranged in the shop. Their proud green tea “Narihira”, is a special Sumida-ward product.

    Tea shop Kobayashi-en Honten

    • Address:1-20-9 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo
    • Opening hours:8:30am-7:00pm
    • Closing dates:Sundays and National holidays
    • Telephone:03-3622-8696
    • Website (Japanese text only)

    # The specially blended soy source makes their rice crackers taste unique! 【Mirin-do】

    Next, I visited the Mirin-do rice cracker shop because the soy sauce on the dumplings I ate at the Oshinari-kun’s home was also very tasty. I could smell the soy sauce as I entered the shop. It’s kept in a vase in the corner of the shop.

    There are a lot of different flavors of rice crackers. The most popular cracker is Oshinari-yaki. This cracker is baked using a traditional tool called, Kote. You can taste freshly baked Oshinari-yaki on Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. * Availability changes, so please ask at the shop.
    The cracker with the Tokyo Sky Tree tower print is fancy. If you are not able to choose one type of their products, their assortment pack is a reasonable choice.


    Rice cracker shop Mirin-do

    • Address:1-13-7 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo
    • Opening hours:9:00am-7:00pm
    • Closing dates:Wednesdays, Special holidays
    • Telephone:03-3621-2151
    • Website Rice cracker shop Mirindo (Japanese text only)

    # A variety goods shop with a great view of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower.【Tsubaki-ya】

    I found the variety goods shop called, Tubakiya. They sell Japanese items, Tenugui towels, and Tokyo Sky Tree tower printed goods. Their colorful items remind me of the four seasons of Japan. A variety of dishware are also available. They are nice as souvenirs. Please drop by and look for your favorite.


    • Address:1-10-6 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo
    • Opening hours:9:00am-6:30pm
    • Closing dates:Non-Scheduled Holidays
    • Telephone:03-3622-2675
    • Website Tsubaki-ya (Japanese text only)

    # Welcoming diversity with additive-free and chemical-free foods.【SEKAI CAFE】
    Give your feet a rest at The SEKAI CAFÉ. They encourage people from all over the world to gather at the table and have a fun time. Their food menu consists of vegetarian and halal friendly food. People who have allergies can also safely enjoy the food.
    The whole shop is smoke- free and free Wi-Fi is available.

    A prayer room for Islamic people is available.
    A prayer room for Islamic people is available.

    I ordered GAJYUTTA and Honey Lemon Squash. GAJYUTTA uses fresh grapefruit that is not too sour. It’s very healty. Sweet Honey Lemon Squash with a little fizz is refreshing if your fatigued.

    GAJYUTTA (500 yen) and Honey Lemon Squash (450 yen)
    GAJYUTTA (500 yen) and Honey Lemon Squash (450 yen)

    The SEKAI CAFÉ has a branch in the Asakusa district. We introduced their lunch time menu in the other article below.
    Halal meat, vegan food, and an allergy aware menu at Asakusa’s SEKAI CAFE.


    • Address:2-16-6 Narihira Sumida-ku, Tokyo
    • Opening hours:10:00am-9:00pm (last order at 8:00pm)
    • Closing dates:Non-Scheduled Holidays
    • Telephone:03-6284-1760
    • Website

    # Try the Oshinari shopping street’s lottery!
    The shopping street holds a Summer and Winter Sale every year. During the sale periods, visitors with a ticket issued in their website can participate in their lottery. The 1st prize is a ticket to the observation deck of the Tokyo Sky Tree tower on New Years’ day, or on the day of the Sumida river fireworks festival. Many people come to join the events in hopes for a prize. If you visit the shopping street during the sale periods, do not forget to check the lottery. Find more details at their website: (Japanese text only)

    The Oshinari Shopping Street’s lottery.
    The Oshinari Shopping Street’s lottery.
    The rising sun from the Tokyo Sky Tree tower on New Year’s day
    The rising sun from the Tokyo Sky Tree tower on New Year’s day

    The Oshinari shopping street is very visitor friendly. The locals welcome people from both inside and outside of Japan. The Tokyo Sky Tree tower can be always seen from the street. This is a must see Tokyo downtown area!

    # Places to go near the Oshinari Shopping street.
    3 recommended photo locations for the Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest structure in Japan!
    Take a look around the downtown shopping arcade, Kira Kira Tachibana in the shadows of the Tokyo Sky Tree. It’s heart warming, retro, and sparkling with life!
    Soba noodles and rice omelets, eat light meals in nostalgic atmospheres!
    Onsen-Sento, you can try an outdoor bath at the bottom of the Tokyo Sky Tree!
    Experience traditional Japanese crafts near the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower! 5 shops and studios, including workshop information
    It’s very sweet and rich in taste! Let’s eat Terajima eggplant in Higashi-mukojima!

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