Let’s celebrate the New Year with a SAMURAI ceremony using real Japanese swords and a Sake Party!

Have you ever seen the ritual of purification using a real Japanese sword and a performance with traditional instruments? You can experience Japanese culture through this precious ceremony. You can also enjoy a belly dancing performance, and Japanese Sake is served in a small wooden box(升酒) with snacks. Let’s celebrate the New Year together with fantastic performances!

2017-04-21   Festivals & Events, Tokyo,

Only 50 seats available! A WORLD FAMOUS SAMURAI CEREMONY

samurai ceremony_1
The sword performer Yusuke Goto, and Belly Dancer Sarah Amira

●Date: January 8th, 2017(Sunday)
●Open: 1pm
●Start: Performance begins on Stage 1 at 1:20pm. Performance on Stage 2 begins at 2pm (The starting time might change depending on when the 1st stage performance ends)
●Finished: 4pm
●Admission: 1,000 yen (Foreign Students:500 yen)
Reservations are necessary
Includes Sake served in a small wooden box and snacks. You can take the wooden box as a gift.

●How to apply: Booking by e-mail (daiteru@gmail.com). Write your name, nationality, and age on your mail.
Seating is limited to 50

Yusuke Goto/Samurai Ceremony and a real sword performance
Yuzan Iwata/Shakuhachi (尺八)
Shizuno Noguchi/Koto()
Yuri Asano/Shamisen(三味線)
Sarah Amira/Belly Dancing

Traditional Japanese instruments, Shakuhachi(尺八), Shamisen(三味線), and Koto(筝)
Traditional Japanese instruments, Shakuhachi(尺八), Shamisen(三味線), and Koto(筝)

Please pay the fee at the Reception.
There is a cloakroom, but it’s limited. You’ll need to keep your baggage and valuables with you.
This event has 2 stages. The first stage is the Samurai performance, where we must be quiet during the sacred ritual. You cannot get in if you’re late, so be sure to arrive by 1p.m.

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