Fun! Cute! Delicious! Tips for shopping at the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade.

The Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade is located at the south exit of Shinkoiwa Station on the JR Sōbu Line.
This shopping arcade is 420 meters long with about 140 shops. It’s known by the local residents as a shopping arcade that support their economy in the Shinkoiwa area.
Let me show you many attractive things about the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade!

2018-09-11   Visit: Charming Towns, Tokyo,

The Shinkoiwa Sakura festival in April.
The Shinkoiwa Sakura festival in April.

About the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade

It’s popular among many people regardless of age or gender, and many different shops, old and new, are gathered here.
Unlike a big shopping mall, you can find the hospitality of independent shops that are closely related to everyday life of the people in this region,
You can also enjoy shopping even if it rains, because it’s inside an arcade.

The Shogun, Yoshimune & Komatsuna
The Shogun, Yoshimune & Komatsuna

Various events are held throughout each year and many people visit them. The events revitalize this shopping arcade! The Shogun, Yoshimune and Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), are popular official mascots for this shopping arcade and liven up the events.
You can find a komatsuna doll at some shops.

an event for ‘products direct from the warehouse’
An event for ‘products direct from the warehouse’

Seasonal events are always held, such as the Shinkoiwa sakura festival in April and a Kids summer festival in July, please join in!

”Hanamo,” A shop that sells Japanese crafts.
”Hanamo,” A shop that sells Japanese crafts.

Let’s get beautiful Japanese crafts at Hanamo!

The Japanese crafts shop Hanamo, carries Japanese interior decorations, kimonos, and bags of items that the shop owner chooses.

A lovely, Komatsuna doll is sold here.
A lovely, Komatsuna doll is sold here.

There are many Japanese crafts with “a sense of beauty” that the Japanese have cherished, such as stylish and modern accessories, and colorful daily necessities. They are all delicate and beautiful! These practical, beautiful crafts are popular with overseas visitors. These products would be good souvenirs for your friends.
Why don’t you choose unique items for everyday use with a Japanese ‘touch’ to them?


  • Address:1-56-5 Shinkoiwa Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:10:30am-6:00pm
  • Closing dates:Wednesdays and the third Tuesday of each month
  • Telephone:03-5661-3378


A variety goods shop that is full of cute products
A variety goods shop that is full of cute products

Visit “Sunny pani midget” to look for a cute present.

The décor in this shop represents a morning market in Europe with cute products, fashion accessories, and clothing.

It’s full of cute small products!
It’s full of cute small products!

Most things here are one of kind and they sell quickly. Don’t miss a chance for your favorite product when you find it!
There are sales held on regular basis, so get good deals as well!

Everything makes for great gifts for your special someone!

Sunny pani midget

  • Address:3-14-4 Matsushima Edogawa Ward, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:10:00am-8:00pm
  • Closing dates:January 1st
  • Telephone:03-5879-3071
  • WebsiteSunny pani midget


Ōbanyaki shop
Ōbanyaki shop

Take a break and have delicious Ōbanyaki at “Ōbanyaki Shinkoiwa branch”.

Ōbanyaki is a round-shape Japanese pastry containing sweet red bean paste. “Ōbanyaki Shinkoiwa branch” sells Ōbanyaki with many kinds of sweet fillings.
The standard filling is ‘tsubu-an’ (red bean paste containing pieces of bean).
Others include green soybean paste, pumpkin paste, and cream cheese paste.
I chose Ōbanyaki with pumpkin paste this time. It was so delicious because of the fluffy pancake-like dough and the sweetness of the pumpkin paste.

Which filling will you choose?
Which filling will you choose?

There is also an area to eat here, so you can enjoy a freshly baked Ōbanyaki right away!
This shop provides not only Ōbanyaki, but also other breads. I recommend it for an afternoon snack.

Ōbanyaki Shinkoiwa branch

  • Address:1-54-3 Shinkoiwa Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:10:00am-9:00pm
  • Closing dates:From January 1st to January 3rd
  • Telephone:03-6231-4040


The Komatsuna’ comic foregrounds
The Komatsuna’ comic foregrounds

I enjoyed Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade so much that I lost track of time! I feel that I can’t get enough of this shopping arcade, no matter how many times I visit.

Enjoy yourself at this shopping arcade in a lively atmosphere of the downtown.

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