Let’s see the Awa dance at the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade!

I’ll introduce one of the biggest new year’s events, Kurabiraki (蔵開き), held on January 15th at the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade.
Kurabiraki is a sake brewery’s annual opening day event, and people celebrate the brewing of new sake.
You can see the Awa dance (阿波踊り) and get special sale items on this day as well!

2017-05-18   Festivals & Events, Tokyo,

The Shogun, Yoshimune & Komatsuna
The Shogun, Yoshimune & Komatsuna

About the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade

The Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade is located at the south exit of Shinkoiwa Station on the JR Sōbu Line.
This shopping arcade is 420 meters long with about 140 shops.

Click here to read more about the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade!
Fun! Cute! Delicious! Tips for shopping at the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade.

The Awa dance
The Awa dance

Enjoy the Awa dance!

A featured event is the Awa dance!
The Awa dance is a folk dance born in Tokushima Prefecture, in southern Japan.
The Awa dance begins at 12:00pm and 2:00pm.
It starts from in front of the shop, Hanashime(花しめ)

・About Awa dance
“Bon-odori”dance festival is held everywhere in Japan during the summer season.

Everyone from adults to children can enjoy the event!

They also provide sweet sake, cotton candy, and stewed pork intestines.
Don’t miss the special sale items such as traditional Japanese sweets, side dishes, and clothing.
Children can enjoy a shooting game. If they hit a target, they can get snack!
Children are more concerned with hitting the target than the snack they get as a reward.

Children are really into the shooting game.

You’ll be able to meet the Shogun, Yoshimune and Komatsuna.
They are popular, official mascots for this shopping arcade.
Let’s take a photo with them!

Please visit the Shinkoiwa Lumiere Shopping Arcade and enjoy shopping!

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Address Shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Hours 1:00pm-5:00pm
Price .
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Access Near the South exit of Shinkoiwa Station on JR Sōbu Line
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Website http://shinkoiwa-lumiere.com/ (Japanese text only)