Let’s go to Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street and see its appearance of the ancient Japan!

The Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street is located in front of Setagaya station on the Tokyu Setagaya Line. The front of the 15 stores on the shopping street were refurbished to traditional Japanese-style buildings. They provide a different appearance from typical shopping streets, and give people the experience of visiting old Japan. This shopping street is close to the Setagaya Magistrate’s Residence (世田谷代官屋敷), designated as a national important cultural property.
I will introduce the events and activities of this shopping street.

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The history of The Setagaya Magistrate’s Residence

A national important cultural property: The Setagaya Magistrate’s Residence
A national important cultural property: The Setagaya Magistrate’s Residence

The Setagaya Magistrate’s Residence used to be the residence of the Oba family. They were the hereditary Setagaya Magistrate (daikan) of the Lordship of Hikone in Omi province (present Shiga prefecture) throughout the Edo period. It is also called the Oba Magistrate’s Residence. It’s the only magistrate residence from the territories of feudal Japanese lords in the Tokyo area, so it was designated as a Tokyo Metropolitan Area historic site in 1952.
The main building and the front gate were designated as the first, National Important Cultural Property in Tokyo in 1978 as a private residence of people in the upper class in mid-early modern times.

Setagaya Magistrate’s Residence(世田谷代官屋敷)

  • Address: 1-29-18 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
  • Opening hours:9:00am-5:00pm (Entrance gate closes 30 minutes before the closing)
  • Closing dates:Mondays, Public holidays (on the following day if it falls on a national holiday or a compensatory holiday), Year-end holidays (29th of Dec. – 3rd of Jan.)

Let’s enjoy the Rakuichi-Rakuza market!

All visitors can enjoy the Rakuichi-Rakuza market(楽市楽座).
All visitors can enjoy the Rakuichi-Rakuza market(楽市楽座).

Rakuichi-Rakuza(楽市楽座), or the Open Free Market held in Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street, celebrated its 16th year in 2016, and it has become a large annual event in which tens of thousands of people visit.
This event holds various free performances and shows including a Rakuraku Yose, where you can enjoy traditional comic storytelling (Rakugo/落語), and a TV superhero drama show for children.

Various performances attract visitors’ attention.
Various performances attract visitors’ attention.

If you are a smart shopper, don’t miss the Limited-Time Sale that you can buy vegetables and fish for 10 and 50 yen! I also recommend the Direct-From-The-Farm Market event(ふる里物産直送市), where you can find various local products from all over Japan.

There are many programs for children at Rakuichi-Rakuza!
There are many programs for children at Rakuichi-Rakuza!

Rakuichi-Rakuza is held every fall. Many families visit this event, because there are many programs that all families can enjoy regardless of age or gender.
Furthermore, a Bon dance (traditional Japanese folk dance) and Omikoshi (a portable shrine carried on the shoulders of bearers by means of long poles) are held at this event. Please check them out when you visit.

If you are a train enthusiast, get original Tama-den goods at Machimori café!

Get the Tamaden(玉電) azuki-bean jelly(羊羹)!

Machimori café is a local community facility on the Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street. This café is used as a place for senior citizens, and as a day-care facility for children. This café also sells the original goods of Tamagawa Electric Railway through promotion from the Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street promotional association.
In 1969, Tamagawa Electric Railway (Tama-den) ended its 63-year history, and the railway line changed its name to Tokyu Setagaya line, which now runs between Sangenjaya and Shimotakaido Stations.

If you are looking for sweets, I recommend Yokan (Azuki-bean jelly packaged in a cute box with pictures of Tama-den), and candies in a retro-looking can at the café.
This shopping street owns endangered Japanese bees and sells very tasty honey as their own product. This is good for a souvenir!

Tamaden goods are cute because of their old-fashioned design!

Please drop by this cafe and look for unique souvenirs from the Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street!

Machimori café

  • Address:3-1-27 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
  • Opening hours:10:00am-5:00pm
  • Closing dates:Sundays, Public holidays

Let’s go to the Setagaya Ward on a cute tram!

The Setagaya tram has a lovely appearance!

The Setagaya Ward and the Setagaya-Ekimae shopping street is an area where you can experience the atmosphere of old Japan through the townscape. Many events are held in this area including the popular event, “Boro-ichi”!
Boro-ichi is held on the 15th & 16th of December, and the 15th & 16th of January every year. About 800,000 people visit this event during these 4 days.
You can enjoy shopping and walking around in this ancient Japanese atmosphere!

●Places to go around the Setagaya Ward.
Discovering fascinating felines around Gotokuji, Tokyo’s ‘Maneki Neko Town’

See the parade of Samurai in the town associated with Yoshida Shoin!

One of the largest bargain markets in Japan, “Boro-ichi” in the Setagaya Ward in Tokyo!

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