【SPRING】Nishi Park is the one of the Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites in Fukuoka!

Nishi Park is located almost in the center of Fukuoka city. The Terumo Shrine is at the top of the hill in the park.
About 1,300 cherry trees bloom during spring and the place has been chosen as one of the Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites.
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I’m going to introduce Nishi Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in Fukuoka city.

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Nishi park

The Terumo Shrine
You can get a charm for good luck at Terumo Shrine!

Kanhizakura(寒緋桜)are almost in bloom!

Nishi Park is the most popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms by the local people in Fukuoka.
Visitors can enjoy Kanhizakura(寒緋桜) and Youkouzakura(陽光桜) from the end of January.

The Nishi Park
Kanhizakura(寒緋桜) has a beautiful deep pink color

You can also enjoy watching the colorful birds!

Nishi Park
Beautiful birds perch on the Youkouzakura(陽光桜)tree.

Nishi Park is also the best spot for viewing the city!

You will see many varieties of cherry blossoms such as Someiyoshino(染井吉野) and Yamazakura(山桜) in Cherry Blossom Valley.
You can also enjoy panoramic views of Fukuoka city, Hakata Bay(博多湾), and Shikanoshima Island(志賀島) from the Central, East, and West Scenic Plazas.

Nishi Park
The Central Scenic Plaza
The Nishi Park
There are many food stalls and people enjoy walking and eating!

Various food stalls are also in operation in the walkway from the central entrance to the Terumo Shrine during the cherry-blossom season.

The Terumo Shrine
The beautiful, fully bloomed cherry blossoms in the Terumo Shrine

If you visit Terumo Shrine, please go to the top of the hill in the park and pay your respects at the Terumo Shrine. You’ll be able to hear the sounds of a crane when you give a small offering in the offering box!

Nishi Park
The park is full of people viewing cherry blossoms.

Many people eat and drink with family, friends, and coworkers under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms in the park.

You can also see illuminated cherry blossoms at night in Nishi Park.
I recommend that you see it, because it’s fantastic and very beautiful.
For more information of illuminated cherry blossom, please check the Nishi Park web site.
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Nishi Park
The illuminated cherry blossoms

A nature area loved by the local people of Fukuoka

The park is a good place for viewing plants of all seasons.
You can enjoy wisteria-trellis at the East Scenic Plaza. Please don’t miss the red and white azaleas at Azalea Valley near the end of April.

Nishi Park
You can see many beautiful plants throughout the year

In the autumn, there is colorful foliage including maple and ginkgo at the Maple Valley.

The Maple Valley
The maple-leaves turn red in autumn at the Maple Valley

There is parking inside the park, but they will be closed from 1pm to 8am during the cherry-blossom season.
I recommend that you use public transportation.

Please visit Nishi Park and enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms!

Origins of Hanami, the Japanese custom of enjoying beautiful, seasonal flora
Photos of the short lived cherry blossom tree “Takizakura,” in Miharu city taken by Tadaima Japan photographer, Yuri Suzuki.
1200 beautiful cherry blossom trees lined up along the clear stream of the Shiroishigawa River


Nishi park, Chuo-Ward, Fukuoka

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