This is a very cool, subcultural place… let’s go to Asagaya Anime Street!

I’m going to introduce anime spots where you can enjoy Japanese subculture in Tokyo.
The Suginami Ward is very famous for its anime district in Tokyo.
The Asagaya Anime Street is open under the railway tracks between Asagaya and Koenji in the Suginami Ward, and many anime fans from around the world come to visit.

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The Asagaya Anime Street
There are about 16 shops on Asagaya Anime Street

A unique location for anime, located just under the railway tracks

The Asagaya Anime Street is lined with various anime-themed shops, cafes, and a special school.
This anime street serves to connect anime creators and fans!

I’m going to introduce some of my favorite shops.

The Shikabane
Can you solve the mystery?

Shikabane is an experience-based horror game.
It’s not a conventional haunted house and has an escape room.

You can also try an experience-based thief game.
Please enjoy this thrilling game!


  • Business hours:11:00am-9:00pm
  • Regular holidays:Mondays(It depends on the maintenance)
  • Fee:It depends on the game and it’s reservation only
  • Click it for a reservation!Reservation (Japanese text only)
You can meet Japanese comedians!

The CHARA DE is managed by Japanese comedians.
You can enjoy a live comedy show, Japanese idol concerts, and various events.
There are board games in rooms when there are no events or shows.

CHARA DE Asagaya

  • Business hours:0:00pm-10:00pm
  • Regular holiday:Irregular days off(It depends on the event)
  • WebsiteCHARA DE Asagaya (Japanese text only)
Please check the whiteboard at the café!

The Shirobaco is an anime collaboration space café and a training ground for voice over actors.
All staff are voice over actor candidates.
You can enjoy watching entertaining anime shows and performances on the stage.

The fluffy pancakes are very sweet and delicious!

This café serves snacks and meals, all based on anime themes.
I recommend the Red Eye Latte, the super long hot pie, and the super long sausages. When you order them, the staff says cool and cute expressions to you.

A voice over actor cuts these foods for you!

  • Business hours:11:00am-10:00pm(It depends on the event)
  • Website『SHIROBACO』 (Japanese text only)
 The Daikaiten
You can only buy it here!

The Daiyokai sells Japanese Yōkai goods and items are on display.
Yōkai is like a goblin or ghost in Japan.
There are special exhibitions of Yōkai and Yōkai workshops every month!
Yōkai is attracting interest from overseas.
Don’t miss this cool place!


  • Business hours:0:00pm-7:00pm
  • Regular holiday:mainly Tuesday・Wednesday(It depends on the exhibition)
  • Twitter:@daikai10
  • WebsiteDaikaiten (Japanese text only)
Let’s enjoy a game in a gothic style room!

The DARK GAME & MAGIC CAFE is cool place where you can experience tabletop role playing games with cute Japanese idols.
You can try a real RPG game using your five senses!


  • Business hours:Tuesday thru Friday 17:00-22:00/ Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays 11:00am-10:00pm
  • Regular holiday:Monday(It’ll depend on when national holiday happens)
  • Fee: 1,700yen(When you make a reservation, you can get 200 yen discount)
  • Website DARK GAME & MAGIC CAFE (Japanese text only)
Gacha-Gacha is a good souvenir for your friends!

The Asagaya Anime Street has a lot of Gacha-Gacha vending machines.
We don’t know exactly what we will get until we open the capsule.
It’s a very exciting game! There are many varieties of Gacha-Gacha such as Japanese anime, Japanese food, and Japanese woodblock prints.


Click here for more info about events on the Asagaya Anime Street!

All shops have different business hours and regular holidays, so please check online beforehand.

This is a great location spot where everyone can enjoy anime!

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Address 2-40-1, Asagayaminami, Suginami-Ward, Tokyo
Hours 11:00am-6:00pm(core time)
Price -
Close -
Access 4 minutes from JR Asagaya Station, or 10 minutes from JR Koenji Station
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