Why Mt. Yoshino is the Best Spot for Cherry Blossoms in the Nara Area

Mt. Yoshino, was registered as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2004; it’s especially beautiful during spring when you can view thousands of cherry blossom trees at a glance.
Here are a few reasons why you should go.

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Mt. Yoshino

The trees at Mt. Yoshino are sacred

Mt. Yoshino
The mountains near Yoshino are surrounded by an air of mysticism. The used to be the center of Shugendou practice, a kind asceticism-shamanism which incorporates Shinto and Buddhist concepts.
According to legend, the founder of the tradition, En no Gyouja, initiated the use of these mountains in ascetic practice in the 7th century and called out to the deity Zaou Gongen.
He enshrined the statues of the deity, which were made of cherry blossom trees, and built the Kinpusenji Temple.

For this reason, cherry blossom trees became sacred at Mt. Yoshino, and many cherry blossom trees were planted during the Heian period (794 – 1185).
Nowadays, the mountain is home to 30,000 cherry blossom trees!

You can enjoy the trees for one whole month, rain or shine


The main trees found at Mt. Yoshino are Shiroyamazakura (literally: ‘White cherry trees from the mountain’), like on the above picture. Depending on the area and the altitude in the mountains, the cherry trees bloom at a different time, allowing us to enjoy the bloom for a whole month (usually during the whole month of April).

You can check information about the cherry blossom season at Mt. Yoshino below:
Mount Yoshino Cherry Tree Information

Mt. Yoshino

Even when it is cloudy or rainy, the place is breathtaking. One might dare say it’s even better during bad weather!

A rain of cherry blossoms

The wind blowing cherry blossom petals also makes a great picture opportunity.

cherry blossoms at night

The cherry trees are also beautiful at night.

Unique festivals take place during this period

spring event
Apart from the cherry blossom festival, Mt. Yoshino shrines and temples organize several festivals during the month of April. Celebrating Buddha’s birth, mystic dances, marches of monks and sacred chantings are among the things you can witness.

For more information, visit The Mt. Yoshino Tourist Association Website

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