Asakusa’s Oiran Sakura Festival Come and join one of the most popular spring festivals: “Asakusa Kannon Ura Ichiyouzakura Festival”

The Asakusa Kannon Ura Ichiyouzakura Festival will be held on Saturday, April 8th in Asakusa on Ichiyouzakura Imatzubashi street. Come and enjoy the beautiful costumes and festivities.

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“Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Walk”

First of all, what is oiran? Similar to the maiko, the oiran are known for their beauty and extravagant clothing. So what sets them apart? Unlike the maiko who performs various songs and dances for visitors during feasts, the oiran (courtesans) also performed sexual favors. The oiran were entertainers ranked by their beauty, character, skills and education. They were expected to be highly educated with the ability to converse and play various instruments. The oiran had the power to refuse clients and were extremely pricey.

Can you spot the oiran in the picture? The gorgeous kimono worn by the oiran weighs about 30kg! Can you imagine walking around, let alone performing a dance? Also pay attention to the way she walks! The oiran is known for the unique steps she takes as she walks down the street.
This famous “Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Walk” will start in Senzoku 3 followed by an on-stage performance by the oiran.

“Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Walk” Schedule

  • 1:00pm:“Edo Yoshihara Oiran Walk” will start from Senzoku 3 to the Asakusa police station
  • 2:45pm: “Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Walk” will start from the Asakusa police station to Senzoku 3
Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Walk

The Asakura Kannon Ura Ichiyouzakura festival’s origin

In 2002, 131 cherry blossom trees were planted in Komatsu Bridge Street in Asakusa. The festival began in the following year of 2003 to celebrate the 400th year of the Edo period. People thought the Edo Yoshiwara Oiran Walk would be a wonderful way to celebrate tradition and history. Presently, 320 cherry blossom trees align the 2500 meter long street in Asakusa and is a hot spot for tourists and locals during the spring season. Come out and enjoy the great view together!


Festival Details

The Asakura Kannon Ura Ichiyouzakura festival

  • Date: Saturday, April 8th, 2017 ※If it rains on that day, the festival will be postponed until April 9th, 2017
  • Place:4 Asakusa, Taito-ward, Tokyo(Senzoku, Asakusa, central komatsu bridge street)
  • Contact:Ichiyouzakura, Komatsu Bridge street staff 03-3839-5229
  • Access:10 minute walk from Asakusa station (Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Sky tree line, Tokyo metro Hibiya line)
    12 minute walk from Asakusa station (Toei subway Asakusa line)

Take a nice stroll under the blooming cherry blossoms and experience a traditional Japanese atmosphere!

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