【SPRING】Yawaragi no michi along the Nanatani River, is a hidden place to see gorgeous cherry blossoms in Kameoka, Kyoto.

Kameoka city in Kyoto is my favorite place to enjoy beautiful nature and delicious food. It is located 8 minutes by train from Arashiyama, the most popular tourist site in Kyoto.
I will give you a great tip for a cherry blossom viewing spot, only the local people know.

The romantic, Sagano Train
Experience spring on a trolley car. “The Sagano RomanticTrain” in Kyoto!

Let’s have a valuable experience at Kameoka, a well-kept secret place of Kyoto

Gion, Arashiyama, and Uji in Kyoto are popular with tourists. However, there are many other interesting places in Kyoto, and you’ll always find new attractions no matter how many times you visit. I’ll introduce some features of Kameoka for those who want to have a new experience.

Many people enjoy the autumn leaves of the Hozu River while rafting.

There are a lot of great activities that tourists enjoy in Kameoka city. The Sagano RomanticTrain, the Yunohana hot-spring area, and Hozu river rafting. Seasonal flowers are always in bloom along the Hozu river. The natural landscapes are marvelous, and you’ll find that nature offers a different exhibition each season. I recommend visiting during all seasons, but my favorite is spring, because you can see beautiful rows of cherry trees.

Nanatani-Gawa(Yawaragi no michi)
How about spending time on Yawaragi road?

Let’s walk through a tunnel of beautiful cherry blossoms!

Yawaragi no michi, or ‘relaxing road’ along the Nanatani River, is a popular area to view cherry blossoms by the local people.
There are about 1,500 cherry trees are planted along this 1 kilometer road. You will feel like your surrounding by cherry blossom petals.

 Nanatani-Gawa(Yawaragi no michi)
Have a relaxing time in a calm environment.

The best time to see cherry blossoms on Yawaragi no michi is in early April. The cherry blossoms around here will be in full bloom around April 2nd to April 8th, but it depends on the weather and temperature.
It’s also a nice spot for a picnic with a playground for children. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

 Night viewing of cherry blossom
Cherry trees in a mysterious atmosphere during the evening.

Cherry blossoms are romantically illuminated in the evening.

Cherry blossoms in the day time are beautiful, but you’ll feel another beauty of cherry blossoms at night. During the cherry blossom season, the trees on Yawaragi no michi are illuminated in the evening. The cherry blossoms against the night sky is awesome, so it is a great spot for dating.

 Nanatani-Gawa(Yawaragi no michi)
Let’s enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms!

How to get to Yawaragi no michi

Getting to Yawaragi no michi, you’ll take the JR Sagano Line (San-in main line) from Kyoto station and get off at Kameoka station. Take the Kameoka Furusato Bus from bus stop #6 at the North exit of Kameoka station and get off at the Nanatanigawa bus stop. There are more buses available during the cherry blossom season.

Nanatani-Gawa(Yawaragi no michi)
You might be able to have all the cherry blossoms to yourself in the morning.

If you want to enjoy viewing beautiful cherry blossoms while relaxing, I highly recommend Yawaragi no michi! The best time to see all the cherry blossoms is during the early morning. There is no doubt that it’ll be an unforgettable memory for you, of the Japanese spring!!


Chitose, Chitose-cho, Kameoka city, Kyoto

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Address Chitose, Chitose-cho, Kameoka city, Kyoto
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Access Take the JR Sagano Line from Kyoto Station to Kameoka Station. Take a Kameoka Furusato Bus at bus stop #6 at the North exit of Kameoka Station, get off at the Nanatanigawa bus stop, and it’s a little walk.
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Website http://www.kameoka.info/foreign/en/