Kichijoji Adventure Vol. 2! Gourmet finds in Kichijoji~ Good for any occasion!

On this warm sunny day, we decided to go on a 1-day adventure in Kichijoji to see what we can find! After walking around for a bit, we decided to eat an early lunch. Need energy to recharge!
Today, we’d like to introduce some of the food we ate during our walk around this lovely area.

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Delicious Pasta for Lunch

Our first meal of the day was at「BIODYNAMIE」. And yes, I did say first meal (I skipped breakfast to make room for all the delicious food I’m going to have). We discovered this place by coincidence, but apparently this restaurant received good reviews on a variety show in Japan. There were so many different types of pastas and toppings to choose from and after some debate, we finally decided on the spinach bacon carbonara pasta and meat sauce pasta!

Pasta with egg noodles tasted so good! The price was also pretty decent. The place was a little empty since it was a bit early for lunch but the interior of the restaurant was really down to earth and they also had a small patio section for those who want to enjoy the nice spring breeze. If you’re ever around Kichijoji and craving for pasta, I do recommend this place!


  • Address:1-9-2 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino city, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:11:00am~0:00am(LO11:30pm)

Not hungry for a full meal? Get a light snack!


For those who haven’t been to Kichijoji before, there are a lot of small side streets and alleys with various unique shops to discover. But, it does require a lot of walking around! Even though we had delicious filling pasta for lunch, we got a little hungry after shopping around. Just when we were about to head back towards the station, we happened upon a Takoyaki shop! There was also a small bench area in front of the shop for us to sit and eat so we decided to take a break and treat ourselves to some takoyaki.

I’ve seen various takoyaki flavors and toppings but it was my first time seeing green takoyaki (it looked very green on the menu picture)! What do you think the green topping is?

…if you thought seaweed…then you’re correct! Instead of sprinkling the seaweed on top as a topping, it was actually mixed into the takoyaki. And to be honest, it was surprisingly, good! I had mixed feelings about trying this seaweed takoyaki, but it turned out pretty good and it was freshly made in front of us too!

Ebisudako Kichijoji Parco
  • Address:5-1Kichijoji honcho Musashino city, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:10:00am~8:00pm

Other than takoyaki, there are other delicious fast foods available at Kichijoji! If you’re here on a warm sunny day, I recommend going to various places to get take-out and have a picnic at the nearby park!

Doughnuts and coffee

We bought some doughnuts and coffee and enjoyed a relaxing girl talk time at the park.
Kichijoji Adventure!! Vol.1 Cherry Blossom Viewing in「Inokashira Park」

It’s too bad that the famous fried meatballs from “Sato” had such a long line…

Kichijoji is a pretty popular place in Tokyo and a lot of restaurants or popular fast food places had lines out the door from noon! If you want to try the famous fried meatballs from “Sato” or go to another well-known restaurant, I recommend coming in the morning before 11:30AM to avoid long line-ups.

Pub food for dinner!

For dinner we went to 「Koki’s house」. The menu was amazingly cheap, everything was 390 yen! We chose this place for the price, and we were expecting lower quality food with small portions but the food was delicious with regular portion amounts! I recommend their shake-shake French fries if you’re looking for finger food. This place seems to be popular for people holding parties and events. They also have an optional buffet.

Yummy food and drinks. Cheers!

Comfort food with a few drinks was a great way to end to our little adventure in Kichijoji!
An interesting thing about this place is that you can play bingo and try and win a prize. I forgot what the prize would be but when you order your first drink, they’ll give you a bingo card (1 per table) and each time you order a drink after that, the coaster they give you has a number on it for you to match with your bingo card.

Koki’s house

  • Address:2-10-6 Kichijoji Honcho Musashino city, Tokyo
  • Opening hours: 11:30am~10:30pm (Last order for food and drinks is at 10:30pm)

When you get a chance, come out to Kichijoji and discover your own favorite restaurants!
Stay tuned for our next article on neat finds in Kichijoji!

Kichijoji Adventure!! Vol.1 Cherry Blossom Viewing in「Inokashira Park」
Kichijoji Adventure! Vol.3 Shop recommendations in Kichijoji ~

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