Eat. Play. Learn. The fun-filled “Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival.” Come out during golden week and enjoy the rich history of Ryogoku city.

The Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival will be held on April 29th and 30th (Saturday-Sunday) near Ryogoku station. So, what’s so special about this event?

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Popular Chanko (hot pot for sumo wrestlers)(Kokugikan Hall)
Provided by:Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum

The 15th Nigiwai Festival

This year will be the 15th year of the Nigiwai festival. The Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival introduces rich Japanese history and tradition through various performances, events, and food. Last year, about 90,000 people attended and they particularly loved the Chanko Museum! There are also various performances and walking tours available. The guided tours will teach you about the history of Ryogoku.

Another fun event to take part in is the stamp rally! The stamp rally starts at the main hall on Kokugikan Street to Kokugikan hall then Edohaku hall and finishes at Ejimasugiyama hall. Once you’ve collected all the stamps, you will be given a small prize!

Ryogoku walking tour (main event hall)
Provided by:Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum

Introduction for Each Event

Traditional Japanese Orchestra (main event hall)
Provided by:Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum

■Kokugikan Main Hall
The Sumida Ward Taiko Federation will perform local songs, sumo wrestling medleys and have other fun-filled events for you!
To really experience Ryogoku, I highly recommend eating chanko, the local food of Ryogoku followed by a trip to the nearby Chanko Museum.

Kokugikan Street Main Hall
Provided by:Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum

In addition to the orchestra, there are also many workshops to teach you Japanese traditions and history through tea ceremonies, calligraphy, etc.

Provided by:Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum

There will be food stalls selling kokugikan original chanko hot pot, chicken skewers, and sumo related events! Kokugikan’s character, “Hiyonoyama” will also be paying a visit.

■Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum
Tokyo city, Sumida-ward is gathering new characters!
Kibo-chan and Sumidairu will make an appearance! You can say hi to these characters or join other leisure activisits such as futsal, tea ceremonies, blue ink dye coaster making event or go on a historical walking tour! Which one do you choose?

Kibo-chan (left), Sumidairu (right) 
Provided by:Tokyo city’s Edo Tokyo Museum

■Ryogoku Hirokouji
Not only will there be local foods of Sumida-ward, there will also be an increase of tourist information centers around this area!
JR East Nihonbashi Chiba, mascot character, the station master will also make an appearance!

Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival Details

Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival

  • Date and Time:April 29th, 2017 to April 30th 2017 from 10:30AM to 4:00PM
  • Place:Main hall: Kokugikan street.
    Sub hall: Kokugikan hall, Tokyo-city Edo Tokyo museum and Ryogoku station Hirokouji Street.
  • Admission fee: Free(fees might apply to certain events in the festival)
  • Contact:Please call Edo Tokyo Museum for information on the festival at: 03-3626-9974 ※Telephone schedule 9:00AM~5:30PM

If you haven’t figured out what you’d like to do for Gold week, this is a great event for you to travel around, get fresh air, and learn about Japanese culture and history!

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Address -
Hours 10:30AM to 4:00PM
Price Free(fees might apply to certain events in the festival)
Close -
Access Ryogoku Station (JR Sobu Line) connects west with Asakusabashi, Akihabara and Ochanomizu stations.
Phone Edo Tokyo Museum : 03-3626-9974