Feel the Samurai soul and learn how to use Samurai sword in Japanese traditional martial art “Iai”!!

Ryusei-kan(龍正館) aims to pass down the Japanese traditional culture and spirit correctly by Iai-do and swordsmanship.
This time, I will tell you about the attractive points and activities of Ryusei-kan that is a boom for both Japanese and foreign people now.

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Ryusei-kan’s students in training.

What is Iai-do?

Iaido is a kind of martial art that developed from the battojutsu (technique of drawing a sword) called Iai.
There are various schools of Iai-do in Japan. Mugai-ryu was founded by Tsuji Gettan Sukemochi in 1693 and specializes in swordsmanship (kenjutsu, iaihyōhō, tameshigiri).
The Ryusei-kan mainly trains Mugai-ryu (無外流) and one of the specialties of this school is “ cutting Iai”.

Usually, many Iai-do schools use an imitation sword to cut space. However, Ryusei-kan can actively cut with a real sword and they train with real props unlike other schools which usually focuses on the form.

Iai- do
Looks so elegant with the costume and real sword.

Iai-do catches on with Japanese girls.

People of various generations, from 5 to 80 years old, have experienced and trained Iai-do at Ryusei-kan. This martial art has no age restrictions. Nowadays, women in their 20s and 30s are increasing to take part in Iai-do. Iai-do practice trains your muscles to use a real sword that weighs 1kg.
So, if you’re thinking, “I want to start new things!” “I want to get rid of stress!” “I’m unfit lately.” Why don’t you come for a trial lesson?!

We can’t miss the diet effect of Iai-do.

A lot of visitors from overseas visit to make the best memories at Ryusei-kan!

You can take a trial lesson in English at Ryusei-kan.

The foreign participants greatly admired the first Iai-do experience in their life. They said “I was able to spend such a precious moment here!” “It was the most wonderful experience during my stay in Japan!” “I was very impressed!”

Breathtaking performance of the founder of Ryusei-kan
About the training schedule

  • Weekdays:10:00am-12:00pm, 2:00pm-4:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm except Tuesday & Wednesday morning.
  • Saturdays:Closed
  • Sundays:10:00am-12:00pm, 2:00pm-6:00pm

Usually, the training focuses mainly on the form of Iai-do. The cutting experience through form with a real sword is held on Tuesday mornings, Friday afternoons and nights and Sunday afternoons.

It is 10,000 yen for the Iai-do experience and the cutting experience. If you wish to join Ryusei-kan after the trial, the admission fee (5,000 yen) will be exempted.
The fee is includes a real sword experience, the practice wear called Hakama, 2 to 3 rolled straws to cut, sports insurance, and beginner’s lesson.

For more information about the tiral, please go to the link below.
Ryusei-kan Cutting trial

Concentrate all nerves for the “one moment”.

Iai-do is the best exercise for morning training and getting refreshed after work!

Iai-do would be helpful for your lifestyle as well as personality formation. Of course, you might have severe moments in the training, but the experience also becomes spiritual nourishment.
Iai-do has many benefits that will make our life more fulfilling.
Why don’t you challenge yourself to something new and learn to face yourself everyday with Iai-do?

The Originator and students. The tradition is following to later generatins.

We are a family! Ryusei-kan is a cozy place for everyone.

Honestly, I used to have a strict image of Iai-do, but when I actually tried a lesson at Ryusei-kan, I was impressed by the comfortable at-home environment! The founder, Mr. Sakaguchi (Mr. Sakaguchi Michiniki Ryuuou) said “We are all family members in Ryusei-kan.” Their relationships are very treasured by each member.

If you are interested in trying Iai-do, please feel free to join the training at Ryusei-kan!

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