Kichijoji Adventure! Vol.3 Shop recommendations in Kichijoji ~

Only 15 minutes on the Keio line from Shinjuku station is the perfect shopping district, Kichijoji. There are a lot of neat shops in this area waiting to be found! I can spend a whole day walking around looking at all the stores. Today, I’m going to show you what I discovered!

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Attention Cat Lovers!

とことこ雑貨店(Tokotoko Zakaten)
I bought some gifts!

This place is a treasure for cat lovers! The shop is called “Tokotoko Zakaten” There are little paw prints on the floor to guide you up the stairs to the store entrance. It is absolutely adorable. The design of the store is similar to Ghibli, very down to earth with neutral colors. This place is filled with a variety of goods such as stationery, kitchenware, bags, accessories, shoes, etc. The main thing is, EVERYTHING HAS A CAT on it. Being a cat lover, I couldn’t help myself and bought some gifts to send to my friends back home in Canada.

とことこ雑貨店(Tokotoko Zakaten)

  • Address:2-16-7 3F Kichijojicho, Musashino City, Tokyo
  • Hours:10:00am~9:00pm

Looking for Japanese pop-culture? A gag gift? This is the place!

This place is filled with interesting things such as character goods, trending items and other fun stuff that make great presents.

This is one of my favorite stores in Japan and it’s called「Village Vanguard」. You can also find snacks and books imported from America. If you’re looking for present ideas or a funky accessory or keychain for yourself, definitely have a look here!

Village Vanguard on the Corner Kichijoji Parco

  • Address:1-5-1 6F Kichijoji Parco Kichijojicho, Musashino city, Tokyo
  • Hours:10:00am~9:00pm

Clothing Boutiques

There are a lot of small clothing stores in Kichijoji and most are reasonably priced. It’s nice especially for those who like to take their time to compare styles, prices, and quality. I think the best time to shop here is either spring or fall.

Hope you find this useful and please come and check out these stores yourself and tell me what you think! We’re going to put together a 1-day itinerary for the next article so please keep following us!

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