An Awa Odori entertainment troupe Takarabune!!

Takarabune is a creative dance company of Awa Odori, one of the most well-known Japanese traditional dances with 400 years of history.

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Member of Takarabune

About Takarabune

Takarabune was founded by Akira Yonezawa from Tokushima, the birthplace of Awa Odori.
Their performance at a number of Awa Odori events held in Tokyo has generated growing interest among a variety of media, and the group has gained a reputation as the hottest Awa Odori group in Japan.
They give performances of Awa Odori over 250 times annually.

They give performances at high schools and they try to pass on the tradition to the next generations.

Takarabune is loved by people in all generations regardless of age or gender!

Takarabune was the first in the Awa Odori community to run a one-man live show at a club.

「Moshi Moshi Nippon festival 2016」

The members are mostly in their teens and twenties, the majority of whom have more than 10 years of experience.
In Takarabune, all members are dual-role experts trained both in dancing and musical accompaniment, unlike typical Awa Odori groups where members are divided into dancers and musical accompanists.
This allows Takarabune to build a unique and dynamic program on the stage!!

Yonezawa brothers are leading members of Takarabune

Takarabune’s performance received high praise from around the world!

They gave a world tour in 2015 in New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong.
They excited the 15,000 audience with their cool performance in Paris「Japan Expo」.

Let’s dance together!!

They had a world tour in 9 countries and received worldwide acclaim for their performance.
Takarabune fights to push the limits of Awa Odori.

They are a world-renowned troupe.

Takarabune aims to introduce Japanese culture through the performance of Awa Odori to people around the world. Despite the differences in gender, language, generation, and appearance, they hope to connect and touch everyone with their performance.

Takarabune dances like their lives are on the lines!

Let’s watch their performance!!

At New York Times Square!

Do you want to watch their performance?
Check it out! You must like it!

Please check their schedule at Web site.
Schedule(Japanese text only)

Takarabune’s performance flows with energy and power from the inside out! Wouldn’t you like to let your body move freely and enjoy the fun?!

They give you fantastic time!!

Web site of Takarabune

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