The Best 2019 Summer Fireworks in Japan

Which fireworks festival are you planning on going to this year?
This time, I’d like to recommend Japan’s top 6 fireworks festivals. Follow us for the latest information!

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Photo credit by General Foundation Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation

Tokyo Taito-ward・Sumida River Fireworks Festival on  Sat, July 27th

Photo credit by Taito ward

The Ryogoku fireworks festival started in 1733 and is the oldest fireworks festival in Japan. The festival has two venues. The first venue will have a fireworks competition and the second venue will launch about 22,000 fireworks! Every year about 950, 000 people attend this popular festival. One of the best places to go to get a good view is the famous landmark, the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Come and enjoy the vibrant fireworks in the night sky!

Photo credit by  Taito ward
Sumida River Fireworks Festival
  • Date and Time:July 27th 2019(Saturday)
    ※If the festival is cancelled due to bad weather, it will be held on Sunday July 28th and cancelled completely if both days have bad weather.
  • Place:Sumida River
    ・First venue:Sakura Bridge downstream~kototoi bridge upstream
    ・Second venue:komagata bridge downstream~umaya bridge upstream
  • Access:15min. walk from subway Asakusa Station(first venue), 5 min. walk from subway kuramae station(second venue)
  • Number of fireworks:total of 22, 000 fireworks
  • WebSumida River Fireworks Festival

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Get ready for the Sumida River Fireworks Festival!

Niigata Prefecture Nagaoka City・Nagaoka Fireworks Festival on August 2nd~ 3rd

Photo credit by General foundation Nagaoka Fireworks foundation

The Nagaoka fireworks festival is launched with prayers, peace and rememberance.
Although it is a large fireworks display that seems to all be about glamour, the Nagaoka Festival originated from the “Nagaoka Revival Festival” held in memorial of the people who died in the Nagaoka air raid on August 1, 1954 and the reconstruction of Nagaoka. Therefore, the opening day of the big fireworks display is fixed on August 2nd and 3rd every year. About two thousand fireworks will color the night sky in two days, over the longest river in Japan called Shinano River! Do not miss this magnificent fireworks festival!

Photo credit by General foundation Nagaoka Fireworks foundation
Nagaoka Fireworks Festival
  • Date and time Friday and Saturday August 2nd~ 3rd 2019
  • Place::Niigata Prefecture, Nagaoka city, Chousei Bridge downstream, Shinano River
  • Access:30min. walk from JR Nagaoka station
  • Number of fireworks:20, 000 in 2 days
  • WebNagaoka Fireworks Festival

Yamagata Prefecture Tsuruoka City・Akagawa Fireworks Festival, August 17th


This is the nationwide design fireworks competition where top fireworks designers compete! The Akagawa fireworks festival is rated as one of the best fireworks festivals throughout the country!

Akagawa Fireworks Festival
  • Date and time:Saturday August 17th, 2019
    6:45pm~opening、7:15pm~launching starts、9:00pm ends
    ※will continue in light rain but will be cancelled if severe weather
  • Place:Yamagata Prefecture, Tsuruoka city, Akagawa riverside
  • Access:3omin. Walk from JR Tsuruoka station
  • WebAkagawa Fireworks Festival(Japanese text only)

Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City:Minato kobe Kaijou fireworks festival on August 3rd

Photo credit by Kobe city Minato development department

This fireworks festival has been established as Minato Kobe’s summer tradition. The beautiful night of Kobe city in the background is perfect for fireworks! It is said to be one of the most romantic views in western Japan. You should enjoy this beautiful sight with your special someone!

Photo credit by Kobe city Minato development department
Minato kobe Kaijou fireworks festival
  • Date and Time:Saturday, August 3rd, 2019
    ※event will be cancelled in light of severe weather
  • Place:Kobe harbor front (minato)
  • Access:20~30min. walk from「Kobe station」・「Motomachi station」・「Sannomiya station」
  • Number of fireworks:15,000
  • WebMinato kobe Kaijou fireworks festival(Japanese text only)

Fukuoka Prefecture Kurume City: Chikugo River Fireworks Festival on August 5th

Photo credit by Chikugo River Fireworks Festival office

The largest fireworks festival in western Japan that launches about 18, 000 fireworks with an audience of 40-450 thousand people a year!

Photo credit by Chikugo River Fireworks Festival office
Chikugo River Fireworks Festival
  • Date and time:Monday, August 5th, 2019
  • Place:Komorino, Sasayama, Tosu, Nagatoishi, Kyoumachi, Miyaki (upstream, total of 6 venues)
  • Access:10min. walk from JR Kagoshima line Kurume station
  • Number of fireworks:18,000
  • Web: Kurume Matsuri (Japanese Only)

Fukui Prefecture Tsuruga City: Torou Nagashi Fireworks Festival on August 16th

Photo credit by Tsuruga tourism association

Recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Japan, the red, blue, and yellow scenic spot of [Kehi no Matsubara] will launch 13,000 fireworks. The beautiful colors will reflect in the vast sea, creating a memorable scene.

Photo credit by Tsuruga tourism association
Torou Nagashi Fireworks Festival
  • Date and Time:Friday, August 16th, 2019
    6:30pm ~ Torou Nagashi, 7:30pm ~ Fireworks Festival
    ※Will be cancelled due to severe weather
  • Place: Kehi no Matsubara
  • Access:40min. walk from JR Hokuriku line Tsuruga Station
  • Number of fireworks:13,000
  • Paid seats:Available. Sold as a set-plan with business hotels. For details, go to the link below.
  • WebTsuruga tourism association


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