Let’s get drinks at Genka bar!! Everything you eat and drink is top quality!!

Genka bar has three branches: Gotanda, Akasaka mitsuke, and Ginza in Tokyo.
Everything you eat and drink is reasonable and of good quality!
This time, I went to the Genka Bar in Akasaka mitsuke.

2019-04-17   Bars & Restaurants, Tokyo,

Genka Bar in Akasaka mitsuke

Genka bar

Genka literally translates to “at cost.”

After you pay an entrance fee of 1,600yen(at Gotanda),1,800yen(at Akasaka mitsuke),2,500yen(at Ginza), all food and drinks from then on are sold at wholesale prices.
You can try high-class alcohol or rare alcohol on a small budget.

There are all sorts of popular alcohol!

I’m debating which alcohol to choose!!

The bar has a wide selection of alcohol.
There are popular alcohols such as highball, sparkling wine, local beer, etc.
You’ll soon come to enjoy the food and drinks here.

”Sparkling wine stew beef cheek meat”is very popular food!

Try the world’s top three delicacies from 550yen!!

You can enjoy not only drinks but also foods at a reasonable price.
There are hearty meals such as Roast beef, Sauteed foie gras, and black truffe pizza.
If you want something light, they also provide appetizers, ice cream and the most important thing…everything goes well with alcohol!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Please try black truffe pizza 600yen!

Low tolerance? No worries!

There are many local ciders.
You can try the ciders collected from all-over Japan.
Do you want to try watermelon or Citrus cider?

The ciders collected from all-over Japan

You can have separate bills because you can order and pay at the bar counter.
You don’t need to care about other people, just enjoy everything at your own pace!

The aizu mead is very sweet and easy to drink.

Let’s enjoy events at Genka bar!

There are many events at Genka bar.
On the 29th of each month is “Meat day” and you can eat meat dishes at a super low-price!
For more information on events, take a look at the Facebook of Genka Bar.

Genka BAR Gotanda (Japanese text only)
・Akasaka mitsuke
Genka BAR Akasaka mitsuke (Japanese text only)
Genka BAR GINZA (Japanese text only)

The Genka Bar is not what you would call a super cheap bar.
The quality of the food and alcohol is perfect and you can enjoy drinking and eating without any worries.
In my case, I paid an admission fee (1800yen) + 1500yen.

Let’s enjoy our time at Genka bar tonight!
Oh! Please pace yourself and don’t drink too much, okay? 😉

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Address ASK Akasaka B1F, 3-21-17 Akasaka, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Hours Mon,Tue,Sun, National Holidays 5:00pm~11:30pm
Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat, and the days before National Holidays 5:00pm~3:00am
Price Entrance fee+40yen~(The price depends on the BAR)
Close -
Access Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line: Akasaka mitsuke Station, 2 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line: Akasaka Station, 5 minutes on foot
Phone 03-6441-2574(reservation by phone is accepted)
Website http://genkabar.jp/