2019 Best Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo!

Have you made your summer plans yet? It’s never too early to start planning, especially if you want to attend a fireworks festival!
In this article, I will recommend the hottest festivals in Tokyo for 2019 along with their schedules.

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Tokyo Hachioji・Hachioji Fireworks Festival Sat. July 27th


The Hachioji fireworks festival are held in Fujimori Park.
You can view the fireworks from Daiwa House stadium. Come and experience fireworks on a whole different level in Tokyo, Japan!

Tokyo Hachioji・Hachioji Fireworks Festival

  • Date and Time:Sat. July 27th 2018
    (※event may be cancelled due to poor weather)
  • Place:Daiwa house stadium Hachioji (Fujimori Park)
  • Access:15min. walk from JR Chuo line Hachijouji station or Keio Takao line Yamada station
  • Number of fireworks:About 3,500
  • Web Hachioji Visitors & Convention Association

Tokyo Taito Ward・Sumida River Fireworks Festival Sat. July 27th


The Ryogoku fireworks festival started in 1733 and is the oldest fireworks festival in Japan. The festival has two venues. The first venue is a fireworks competition and the second venue will launch about 22,000 fireworks! Every year about 950, 000 people attend this popular festival. One of the best places to go to get a good view is the famous landmark, Sky Tree.
Come and enjoy the vibrant fireworks in the night sky!


Tokyo Taito Ward・Sumida River Fireworks Festival

  • Date and Time:Sat.July 28th 2018
    ※If the festival is cancelled due to bad weather, it will be held on Sunday July 29th and cancelled completely if both days have bad weather.
  • Place:Sumida River
    ・First venue:Sakura Bridge downstream~Kototoi bridge upstream
    ・Second venue:Komagata bridge downstream~Umaya bridge upstream
  • Access:15min. walk from subway Asakusa Station(first venue)
    5 min. walk from subway kuramae station(second venue)
  • Number of fireworks:A total of 22, 000 fireworks
  • WebSumida River Fireworks Festival

Actually seeing something during this festival can be very tricky; luckily, we have you covered in this article:

Tips to Actually See Something during the Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Tokyo Edogawa Ward・Edogawa Fireworks Festival / Chiba Ichikawa City Fireworks Festival Sat. Aug. 3rd

(※held at the same time)


This festival started out in 1985 and this year’s festival will be its 34th time! It is also the biggest festival in Japan with a grand opening of 1000 fireworks within 5 seconds! You will be amazed in awe from start to finish. This is definitely one of my favorite fireworks festivals in Japan.


Tokyo Edogawa Ward・Edogawa Fireworks Festival / Chiba Ichikawa City Fireworks Festival (※held at the same time)

  • Date and Time:Sat. Aug. 3rd 2019
    7:15PM to 8:30PM
    ※due to poor weather the festival might be moved to August 5th but cancelled if both days have bad weather conditions
  • Place: Edogawa riverbed
    ・Main place:Ichikawa city, Oosu 3 choumei by the Edogawa riverbed
    ・Gyotoku place:Ichikawa city, near Kawara by the Edogawa riverbed
  • Number of fireworks:14, 000 fireworks
  • Access:・15min. walk from JR Soubu line「Ichikawa Station」south exit
    ・15 min. walk from JR Soubu line「Moto Yawata station」south exit
    ・20 min. walk from Tozai line「Myouden station」
  • WebICHIKAWA KANKOU KYOUKAI(Japanese text only)

Tokyo Choufu City・The City of Movies: Choufu  Fireworks 2019 Sat. Sep. 7th


With a history of more than 30 years, Choufu’s fireworks festival collaborates with music to create「Fireworks illusion」with the beautiful Tama river as its background. If you’re interested in this festival, definitely buy your tickets in advance as they do sell-out every year!


Tokyo Choufu City・The City of Movies: Choufu Fireworks 2019

  • Date and Time:Sat. Sep. 7th, 2018
    6:00PM to 7:30PM
  • Places:Choufu City Tama River area
  • Access:■Fuda Space
    ・25min. walk from Keio line Choufu station, 20min. walk from keio line Fuda station
    ・Keio line Choufu station central exit and go to bus station #4 and take the Keio bus going towards「Tamagawa Jyutaku Nishi」, get off at「Shimin Pool」
    ・Odakyu line Komae station North exit and take the Odakyu bus going towards 「Tamagawa Jyutaku Chuo」and get off at「Tamagawa Jyutaku minami」and walk 10min.
    ■Dentsudai Grand Space
    ・20min. walk from Keio line Choufu station・Fuda station
    ■Keio Tamagawa Space
    ・10min. walk from Keio Sagamihara line tamagawa station, 20min. walk from keio line choufu station
  • Number of fireworks:About 10,000
  • WebChoufu Fireworks(Japanese text only)

Tokyo Katsushika Ward・Katsushika Nouryou Fireworks Festival Tue. July 23rd


This year, there will be 13, 000 fireworks divided into 6 parts! Can’t wait to see what the beautiful night sky will look like. This festival is known for its dramatic grand opening with a design similar to Canada’s Niagara Falls!


Tokyo Katsushika Ward・Katsushika Nouryou Fireworks Festival

  • Date and Time:Tues. July 23rd, 2019
    7:20PM to 8:20PM
    ※will reschedule to the next day due to poor weather, but will be cancelled if both days have poor weather conditions.
  • Place:Katsushika ward Shibamata Baseball stadium(near Edogawa river)
  • Access:・10min. walk from Keisei kanamachi line: shibamata station (expect it to be very crowded)
    ・20min. walk chiyoda line, JR kanamachi line・keisei kanamachi station
    ・15min. walk Houkuso line:Shinshibamata station
  • Number of fireworks:About 13,000
  • WebKatsushika ward website (Japanese Only)


Tokyo Adachi Ward・Adachi’s Fireworks Festival Sat. July 20th


One of the earlier festivals in Tokyo is Adachi’s fireworks festival! About 13,000 fireworks will light the night sky. Can you imagine this amazing scenery? Enjoy this night view while sitting on the green grass by the river. You will have a clear, wide view of the fireworks.

  • Date and Time:Sat. July 20th, 2019
    7:30PM to 8:30PM
    ※(will be cancelled if there’s poor weather conditions)
  • Place:Arakawa Riverside(Between Senju Shimbashi Bridge and Nishiarai Bridge)
  • Access:■Senju Side
    ・15min. walk from Kitasenju station(JRJouban line、Skytree line、
    Tsukuba express line、Tokyo metro hibiya line・chiyoda line)
    ・25min. walk from Adachi odai station(Nippori・Toneri liner)
    ■Nishiarai side
    ・15min. from kosuge station、gotanno station、and umejima station(skytree line)
  • Number of fireworks:About 13,600
  • WebAdachi Kanko Net(Japanese text only)
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