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A town which continues to leave its history remaining, Arakicho

In recent years, there has been some attention to the Showa period (1926-1989). Currently, Japan is in the Heisei period, the era corresponding to the Showa period.

The Showa period ended on the day of the death of the Emperor Hirohito, 8th of January, 1989. Just then, the evolution of IT began, information became standardized, large shopping malls opened, which changed the consumers’ shopping style. The young generation that did not experience the Showa period is attracted to the human traits of the Showa culture.

As a result, shops and towns which the “Showa” traits remain are popular not just by Japanese, but from foreigners as well.

The “Showa” nostalgic atmosphere remained in downtown that were slow in development after the war, but industrialized once the Tokyo Skytree was built in 2011. Now, the area is one of the advanced developed areas in Tokyo.

On the other hand, Yotsuya-sanchome which is close to Shinjuku yet the remains of the “Showa” period can be found here.


A town which changed from being the residence of the feudal lord to a geisha district, then to a town where people in the entertainment industry gathers

In the modern times of the Edo period, Arakicho used to be the residence of Matsudaira Settsu Yoshiyuki. After the samurai period ended, the area prospered by changing its face as becoming a geisha district. The gardens and ponds of the residence became publicly accessible as a scenic spot.

Soon it became the Showa period, changing into an area with restaurants built side by side. People working close by at the television and radio stations, and publishing companies, became regulars of the restaurants in Arakicho. Even after entering into the Heisei period and areas were becoming more developed, the unique landform of Arakicho helped with leaving the nostalgic atmosphere as it is.


Escape from the hustle and bustle from the big city, find your peace here in Arakicho

The area of Arakicho is surrounded by stairs, and only some streets are connected to the wide streets.

Enjoying the “Showa” atmosphere of the town is one of the ways to enjoy Arakicho. The maze-like town has a lot of stairs which makes it hard to travel by bicycle. It is a surprise being close to Shinjuku, but having such a peaceful atmosphere.

In the center of the town, you will find the Tsunokamibenzaiten shrine, which the pond of the Matsudaira residence can be visited. The willow trees and the cobblestone slopes are from the geisha period.

There is a small shrine and park when you walk up the cobblestone slope. You will also find cafes nearby which is a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of Tokyo.


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