Mozunokura: a hearty lunch for those on the go

Are you a digital nomad looking for a comfortable, spacious place to get some work done? Are you a Yotsuya-area office worker in need of a quick power lunch to make it through the day? Maybe you’re just looking for another cozy, down-home café in Araki-Cho. Perhaps you’re staying at the Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan and need a quick coffee fix while finalizing your Tokyo sightseeing plans. If any of these scenarios apply to you, then be sure to check out Mozunokura.

2018-09-05   Bars & Restaurants, Arakicho, Tokyo,

Anything but typical

Open on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., many would classify Mozunokura as a traditional café. Step inside, however, and you’ll discover that this warm, welcoming establishment is anything but typical.
Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about Mozunokura is the background music. While most cafés in Tokyo play smooth jazz or some variation thereof, the proprietors of Mozunokura decided to mix things up with some electronic music—a striking contrast to the café’s soft, earthy environment. It’s a unique auditory experiment and just one of the many things that make Mozunokura stand out from other establishments.
The decorations surrounding the tables are a feast for the eyes. Mozunokura is filled with everything from artifacts from far off countries to all sorts of books, covering everything from art, language, and culture.

A hearty meal

At the time of this writing, Mozunokura offers beef stew and ginger pork meal sets. Coffee can be added to either one for an extra 150 yen. The stew is hearty, loaded with thick chunks of beef and carrots complimented by sliced mushrooms.
Fortunately, the stew isn’t too salty, and plenty of seasonings are available so that diners can adjust the flavor to their own tastes (and sodium tolerances). With a small salad, a bowl of white rice, and fresh fruit, the beef stew set is a filling, well-balanced meal.

Make yourself at home

Once you’ve finished your meal, stick around for some light coffee and enjoy the café’s spacious layout. Don’t let the diminutive entrance fool you. Mozunokura is larger than most privately owned cafes and the large tables make it an ideal place for trip planning, chatting with friends, working remotely, or simply soaking up the ambiance.

So the next time you find yourself in or near Araki-Cho, do yourself a favor and stop by Mozunokura. It’s yet another cozy hideaway from the Tokyo hustle and bustle.

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Address エミエール四ッ谷2F, 6 Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0007
Hours 11:00 – 18:00
Price 750 yen – 1,000 yen
Close Sundays, Sundays, and national holidays
Access Five-minute walk from Yotsuya-sanchome Station (Exit 4) via the Tokyo Metro Marunouichi Line
Phone -
Language Japanese
Website -