A full guide to ‘Your name’ real-life locations in Yotsuya (Part 1)

Did you know that most Tokyo locations that can be seen in ‘You name’ are real places that you can visit and are easily covered by foot?
In the first part of this article I will cover the ones in the Yotsuya area that appear in the end of the movie, and include a map for you to have an easy walk around.
In the second part, I will introduce you to a very nice café nearby where the director of the movie himself had a stop in!
SPOILER ALERT: If you are among the rare people to have not watched Makoto Shinkai’s worldwide acclaimed movie ‘Your Name’ (‘Kimi no na wa’) yet, please note that this article contains a major spoiler about the end of the movie.

When I started working in the Yotsuya area in the beginning of the year, I had already seen the movie ‘Your Name’, but I ignored that most of the locations were around there. My colleagues suggested I get familiar with the surroundings and that I pay a visit to Suga shrine and they mentioned the fact it was the place with the stairs at the end of the movie. However, the most fun part for me when I went there for the first time was on the way, when I stopped in the small streets nearby, realizing ‘Wait, I know this fork road!’ or ‘Oh, that’s the post box!’ I was in awe that all the details were at exact same place.

Here is my suggested walk for you to have the same experience! I had great fun posing at the same place as the characters and I hope you’ll enjoy doing the same.  By the way, the pictures were taken by fellow Tadaima Japan writer and friend Hatsu. Check out her articles!

When Taki and Mitsuha start running to each other at the end of the movie, Taki gets out at the Shinjuku Station South entrance, while Mitsuha gets out at Sendagaya Station. For some reason they end up meeting in the stairs near Suga Shrine, not so far from Yotsuya station.

Yotsuya Station area

To start this walk, I recommend using the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line or  Namboku Line, then get out at Exit 1. (You can also take the JR Chuo-Sobu Line, which the characters are riding when they see each other, but you’ll have to cross the street to reach the movie locations).

Yotsuya station is the place where Taki meets Mrs. Okudera to go on a date. You can see everything is at the exact same place ! 

The movie locations around Yotsuya Metro station.
  1. The wall Taki is resting on for a few seconds. As you can see, it’s a bit taller in real life.

2 and 3 The Metro Station entrance (it’s currently being renewed)

  1. The view from the hill. As you can see, the animators had to cheat a little because it’s actually impossible to see the train running from here, you can only see the roof of the station.


The streets around Suga shrine

B. The pedestrian signs

Take the main avenue and walk for about 10 minutes. When you’ll see the 100 Lawson shop on your left, turn left and walk a few meters to see the pedestrians sign.

C.  The fork road

Go back to the main street then walk for a few more minutes then turn left. You’ll reach the fork road Taki is hesitating at. The post box at the middle is exactly the same.

D. Take the left path of the fork road and walk until you reach this cross road. To me, this is the most impressive place: even the car is there!

E. Walk straight in the street from the pictures above and you’ll reach the famous stairs where Taki and Mitsuha and reunited again.

Suga Shrine

F. Go up the stairs and turn right. There, I recommend you visit Suga Shrine, a very nice Shinto shrine.

Mitsuha’s character being heavily linked to the Shinto religion, I think there might be a reason why Makoto Shinkai reunited the characters there.

You can see that many fans of the movie come here if you look at the drawings and wishes on the shrine’s Ema (wooden plaques on which you write a wish). Why not add yours? To know what an Ema is and how to write it, click here.

Ema at Suga Shrine in Tokyo

To know more about Suga Shrine’s history when you visit it, click here.


Garage Coffee

G . About 5 min from the shrine, you can find Garage Coffee. It does not appear in the movie, but if you are a fan of Your Name, you may want to have a look at it, as Makoto Shinkai himself had a stop there and the place appeared in some dramas as well. It serves good coffee and pastries (some of them are vegan or gluten free).

To know more, check my article about Garage Coffee in part 2!

Taki’s part-time job location

In the movie, Taki is working part-time in an Italian restaurant called ‘Il giardino delle parole.’ It is modeled from the real Italian restaurant near Shinjuku Gyoen park called ‘Café la Bohème’. It’s not really in Yotsuya, but you can go there by foot in about 15mn from Suga Shrine/Garage Coffee. You can check their delicious menu and the exact location on their website.

Here is what the restaurant looks like in real life. Source: Their official website

You can check an older version of this article with some info of the countryside seen in the movie by clicking here.

For smartphone users, please click here to go to the Tadaima Japan website which includes detailed location information.


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