H2 International Bar: Connecting Shinjuku to the World

When I first visited Japan in 2007, like many visitors, I was mesmerized by all of the amazing things that I experienced. From the pristine, futuristic streets of Nishi-Shinjuku to serene strolls at dusk along the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto, I’ll never forget my first trip to Japan. Yes, Japan can be a feast for the senses, but whenever I reflect on my inaugural visit, it’s the people that I met during my journey that have left the greatest impact.
Unfortunately, language barriers can sometimes make it difficult to meet people and get a feel for everyday life in Japan. Thankfully, there are places like H2 International Bar that shatter those barriers by bringing people together from all over the world.

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Flavors from around the world

Upon entering H2 International Bar, you’ll be bathed in calming blue light and surrounded by flags representing countries from all over the world. Before diving into a round of karaoke, it’s probably a good idea to order up some food and a round of drinks.
With cuisine from around the world, the bar’s menu matches its international theme. Pizza, African spicy soup, potato wedges, nachos, and more-wherever you hail from, there’s something for you here. The drink menu is also vast and diverse, with plenty of international beers and a variety of unique cocktails.

The Sakura Mojito (left), a local specialty, and a Long Island Iced Tea (right).

Party like it’s 1999

Once you’ve satisfied your hunger and quenched your thirst, H2 International Bar offers a variety of entertainment options. Karaoke is the most popular activity, and it’s easy to see why: it’s only 1,000 yen to sing the night away. Whether you are a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s, it’s a safe bet that your favorite songs are only a request away.

David, a fellow Tadaima Japan writer, enjoys a cocktail while chatting with a friendly staff member.

Need a break from singing your heart out? You could always try a game of darts or simply chat with the locals. H2 International Bar is a popular hangout for Japanese people who enjoy speaking English and are eager to connect with people from all over the globe. This creates a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that few bars can match.

Sports and more

Sports fans are also welcome. The bar is adorned with several televisions and screens to broadcast a variety of sport matches. This makes H2 International Bar the perfect place to catch popular international sporting events such as the World Cup.
Not into sports? Stop by at the right time and you may be able to catch live musical performances or participate in internationally themed quiz games. You can even try your luck (or demonstrate your skill) at a round of kendama.

Make lasting connections

A mere stone’s throw away from the Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan in Araki-Cho, Shinjuku, H2 International bar is an excellent way to start building lasting international friendships during your visit to Japan.
I wasn’t aware of H2 International Bar during my fateful first trip to Japan. I certainly wish I had known about it, though. Making those initial international connections would have been much easier!

Representing Canada, Belgium, the Philippines, and the United States of America

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Address Kaida Building 3-6-7
Tokyo, 160-0004
Hours 19:00 – 5:00
Price 1,000-2,000yen
Close -
Access Two-minute walk from
Yotsuya-sanchome Station
(Exit 4)
via the Tokyo Metro
Marunouchi Line
Phone 03-5315-4531
Language Japanese
Website https://www.facebook.com/h2internationalbar/