Why Nishi-shinjuku Deserves a Spot on Your Tokyo Travel Itinerary

During my second trip to Japan back in 2008, I stayed in Nishi-shinjuku, which served as the hub for the Tokyo portion of my trip. Upon arrival, I was instantly blown away by the pristine, futuristic cityscape and the overwhelming amount of delicious, affordable food to be found in this city-within-a-city, just to the west of Shinjuku Station.
Less than a year later, I was fortunate enough to find myself working in the exact same part of town, freshly transplanted from the United States. Spending countless workweeks in Nishi-shinjuku only made me appreciate the district even more.
Unfortunately, Nishi-shinjuku is often overlooked due to its “all work and no play” skyscraper facade. Well, I’m here to tell you that Nishi-shinjuku is one of the most underrated parts of Tokyo. Read on to find out why.