4 things to do in Tokyo this week (July 23- July 30)

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Here are a few activities to enjoy at your favorite time of the day.

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Sun, 29th July: Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Sumida-ku, Tokyo



It is one of the most famous firework festivals in Japan. It has two sites to launch fireworks, so if you can position yourself somewhere in between, you can see layered fireworks, which is incredibly beautiful. Both sites will be really crowded, so be sure to reserve a place in advance by arriving early. If you’d like to go, don’t miss our article: Get ready for the Sumida River fireworks Festival.

Place:(1st Site)From lower reaches of Sakurabashi bridge to upper stream of Kototoibashi bridge.
(2nd Site)From the lower reaches of Komagatabashi bridge to upper stream of Umayabashi bridge.

Official website (Japanese and automatic translation): Sumidagawa Hanabi

Access:(1st Site)15 min walk from Tobu Skytree line/ Ginza line/ Toei Asakusa line’s “Asakusa” station.
(2nd Site)5min walk from Toei Asakusa line or Toei Oedo line “Kuramae”station.

Midtown Loves Summer 2018 (until August 26)

Enjoy a fresh footbath!

Tokyo Midtown is like a city in the city, with a museum, shops, restaurants… This summer, you can enjoy drinks and barbecued meat or fish at the Midpark Cafe, test a refreshing traditional footbath ‘ashimizu‘ ( a cold version of ashiyu), and artistic installations related to summer, like ‘Furen’ which is creating a very special atmosphere using wind chimes (See our article: 3 typical souvenirs of the Japanese summer).

Place: Tokyo Midtown

Official Website: Tokyo Midtown

Access: Direct from Roppongi Station exit 8 (Toei Oedo Line), or exit 4a (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)

Roppongi Hills Morning Tai Chi (July 29-July 30)

Beginners welcome. (Source: the Japan Times)

Want to start your morning differently? Why not try Tai Chi at Roppongi Hills! It’s free, no prior registration is required and complete beginners are welcome! Just go to Roppongi Hills Roku-roku Plaza before 7:45. The class, conducted by a real Tai Chi master, lasts for 45 minutes.

Place: Roppongi Hills Roku-roku Plaza

Official Website (English): Roppongi Hills Morning Tai Chi

Access: 5mn from Roppongi Station Exit 4 (Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)

Toshimaen Night Pool (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only; July 27- September 2)

Enjoy swimming at night. (Source: https://trip-s.world/tokyo-night-pool)

Want to swim after dark? Toshimaen is opening two of its pools (the Surf Pool and Niagara Pool) until 9pm! The special ticket to use the pool (and park) from 6pm to 9pm is 1500 yens for adults and 1000 yens for children. Please be careful as tattooed people are not allowed inside the premises.

Place: Toshimaen (Nerima-ku)

Official Website (Japanese Only): Toshimaen Night Pool

Access: Toshimaen Station (Toei Oedo Line, Seibu-Toshima Line)

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