Toriro – the all-you-can-eat karaage place in Arakicho, Shinjuku

“There is a karaage all-you-can-eat lunch spot nearby!?!” Anthony exclaimed disbelievingly after he heard about a new place I had discovered in Arakicho, closeby Yotsuya-sanchome station. When asked, most Japanese people think of Karaage as a snack food, something you can buy at a convenience store, or at a street stall at a summer festival. Since it keeps for some time after cooking, it’s also frequently used to make “bento” (Japanese lunch box). Although karaage in some restaurants has reached “B-kyuu” (2nd rank) gourmet status, most Japanese, and travellers to Japan, wouldn’t consider it to be especially delicious or a must-eat dish. In this article I’d like to introduce Toriro which I hope will change your mind. It also has one of the more unusual all-you-can-eat offerings I have seen so far in Japan.