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Thank you for visiting the Tadaima Japan Web Magazine. We would like to improve the quality of our website and for this we need your help!

Filling out this survey will only take you a few minutes. Two winners will be randomly chosen among all participants, and will be given a Tadaima Japan special yukata!

A yukata is a kind of light kimono often worn in summer. They are also used as pajamas in Japanese traditional inns, so you can use it as comfortable roomwear!

This yukata was made by Japanese yukata specialists just for Tadaima Japan (see pictures below).

To answer the survey and get a chance to win a yukata, please click on the link below:

Tadaima Japan Web Magazine Survey

The survey will end on September 30th.

A yukata is often used as roomwear
* our prize does not include the vest
The Tadaima Japan yukata integrates the Tadaima Japan logo in a traditional motif.

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Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

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