Omoide Yokocho Autumn Festival (Shinjuku) – From Mon, October 1st to Wed, October 3rd

A black-market place of post-war Tokyo, Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku used to be one of the shadiest places where to have a drink. Today anyone can go, but its old charm has remained. The ‘Omoyoko Autumn Festival’ is a great way to visit the place as you can hop 3 bars for a cheaper price than usual. 

Place: Omoide Yokocho (Shinjuku)

To know more, read our article: Save money and have fun at the Omoide Yokocho Autumn Festival in Shinjuku!

Website (Japanese Only): The festival’s pamphlet

Access: 5mn on foot from Shinjuku Station

Ikebukuro Fukuro Matsuri (Sat, October 6th, Sun, October 7th)


This festival is also know as the Tokyo Yosakoi Contest, during which many teams will present their best choregraphies of the energetic traditional dance. You can also join them on the last day after the winning teams have been awarded: all the teams dance together and the spectators are free and welcome to join them!

Place: In front of Ikebukuro station and in Ikebukuro West Gate Park

Website (Japanese Only): Fukuro Matsuri

Access: 1mn on foot from Ikebukuro Station

Japan Umeshu Festival 2018 – From Fri, October 5th to Mon, October 8th

Umeshu is the name of a delicious Japanese plum wine. During this festival, you can taste 140 different plum wines and other umeshu related food and beverages. Day tickets can be purchased at the venue for 1700 yens.

Place: Benten Gate Square, Ueno Park

Website (Japanese Only): Japan Umeshu Festa 2018

Access: 5mn on foot from Ueno JR Station, 1mn on foot from Ueno Keisei Station, 5mn on foot from Ueno Toei Metro Station1 5mn on foot from Ueno-Okachimachi Tokyo Metro Station

Golden Gai Autumn Festival (Shinjuku) – Sun, October 7th

Golden Gai is a small drinking area a few minutes walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit. Its origins date back to the 60s. It used to be a place mostly for the locals and regular customers, but it has made its way to worldwide tourist guidebooks thanks to its distinctive architecture (narrow alleys filled with neons) and its peculiar atmosphere (more than 200 bars with only five or six seats are packed in this very small area). Buying a ticket for the Golden Gai Autumn festival allows you to get rid of the very confusing table charge system and gives a free drink in 5 bars of your choice.

Place: Golden Gai (Shinjuku)

To know more, read our article: Don’t be afraid to explore Golden Gai anymore at Shinjuku’s golden Gai Autumn Festival

Access: 10 mn on foot from Shinjuku Station

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