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A few months ago I wrote about Yotsuya Mensho Suzy House, a very unusual tsukemen, or dipping noodle, store in Shinjuku, that serves slices of lemon with your noodles. Using your chopsticks, you need to squeeze them yourself, to change the taste of the soup as you eat. Last week I was craving the taste of this lemon-spiked broth, so I decided to drop by again, and try another of their tsukemen dishes. It inspired me to add some more information on what is one of the more interesting tsukemen-eating experiences you can get in Tokyo.

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Handy English descriptions to help you choose

The biggest change is that they’ve added short  English descriptions for the five kinds of tsukemen (or soup noodle as they call in) on the vending machine. From left to right these are:

  • – Tokusei gyokai tsukemen 特製魚介つけ麺 – seafood-based soup with all toppings
  • – Ajidama gyokai tsukemen 味玉魚介つけ麺 – seafood-based soup with soft-boiled egg
  • – Gyokai tsukemen 魚介つけ麺 – seafood-based soup (no toppings)
  • – Gyokai karami tsukemen 魚介辛味つけ麺 spicy version of the seafood-base soup
  • – Gyokai lemon tsukemen 魚介レモンつけ麺 lemon version of the seafood-base soup

 The all-toppings version (1040 yen) , recommended by the Suzy House staff, includes:

  • – one slice of “chashu” pork
  • – 2 sheets of “nori” seaweed
  • – an “ajidama” soft-boiled, marinated egg
  • – “menma” bamboo shoots
  • – 2 lemon slices.

Curiously, the second item with only the “ajidama” topping (890 yen) is the most popular one – I have to admit, this doesn’t make it any easier to choose! I guess it all comes down to how much money you want to spend on your ramen. The other items are around 800 yen. You can purchase the toppings you prefer separately – just choose “toppingu” トッピング (100 yen) from the ticket machine. When handing over the ticket, you’ll need to say whether you want “ajidama”, “menma” or “nori”.

 I decided to splurge and go for the “special tsukemen” since I hadn’t had it before. This is probably what I’ll get getting at Suzy House from now on, since it’s basically the same as the lemon tsukemen but with more toppings – fun to eat, filling, and of course very tasty! 

The special Tsukemen with all toppings

In case you are a ramen aficionado, there are also four ramen dishes below. However they are lacking English descriptions, so I’ll add them for the benefit of this article:

  • – Tokusei yasai umami ramen 特製やさい旨味ラメン – special tasty vegetable ramen
  • – Ajidama yasai umami ramen 味玉やさい旨味ラメン – tasty vegetable ramen with soft-boiled egg
  • – Yasai umami ramen やさい旨味ラメン – tasty vegetable ramen
  • – Yasai karami ramen やさい辛味ラメン – hot-tasting vegetable ramen

I think it’s safe to assume that the “tokusei” or special ramen (990 yen) also includes all toppings. You can choose whether you want a small “sho or a normal “nami size serving of noodles for all tsukemen and ramen dishes. A large serving will cost you an extra hundred yen (大盛) middle right button. As I mentioned in the main article, noodles can be very filling and I often that even a small portion is enough to satisfy me.

 Suzy House also offers a free small bowl of rice at the end of lunch hour (costs 100 yen from the ticket machine), which you can use to soak up any remaining soup. If you don’t have the rice option, you can also drink up the remaining soup. Before you do this, you should pour some “soup thinner” from the red flask on the counter labeled スープ割ポット (“soup wari potto”). The amount you add should be about half of the leftover soup.

Suzy House’s way of making its noodles and soup

Read more about Suzy House and ramen on the Tadaima Japan website:

Yotsuya Mensho Suzy House, unique lemon tsukemen in an unusual house

10 things you should know before eating ramen in Japan

For smartphone users, please click the link below to go to the Tadaima Japan website which includes additional location details:

Yotsuya Mensho Suzy House – Shinjuku Tsukemen restaurant [UPDATE]

 If you chose to visit this restaurant after reading this article, don’t hesitate to tell the staff you found out about them through the Tadaima Japan website.

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Address Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku
Yotsuya, 1-2-6
Hours Mon-Fri 11:00-14:45 / 17:00-22:00
Sat & National Holidays
11:00-14:45 / 17:00-21:00
Sunday 11:30-14:30
Price 1000 yen
Close Sunday evenings
Access 2-minute walk from
JR Yotsuya Station
10-minute walk from
Yotsuya-sanchome Station
(Marunouchi line)
Phone 03-3355-0569
Language Japanese
Website http://suzy-house.com/