A Quick Guide to One-Stop Shopping in Shinjuku

Whether you’re a traveler looking for that perfect souvenir or a long-term resident hunting for the latest bargains on electronics or clothing, you’ll find what you’re looking for in and around Shinjuku Station. Few, if any, places in Tokyo can match the sheer number and variety of large stores concentrated into one place.
You’ll find famous department store brands such as Lumine, Odakyu, and Keio directly attached to Shinjuku Station. Don’t stop there, though. It’s well worth it to venture out into the districts surrounding the station. Read on for a few highlights.

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Souvenir Shopping

If you’re seeking a shopping experience filled with variety, then Tokyu Hands is your best bet. You can easily spend hours scouring the second through eighth floors of the Times Square Building just south of Shinjuku Station. Filled with all kinds of odds and ends for you and those on your shopping list, it’s an amusing and convenient place to pick up unique items from Japan—especially when it comes to stationary and household goods.

For a more focused shopping experience, check out the Marui Shinjuku Annex, located on the east side of Shinjuku Station. Almost the entire first floor is dedicated to attractive gifts, including everything from bespoke chopstick sets and sake glasses from Kyoto to a shop that sells tasty treats from all over the country. My personal favorite, however, is the official Godzilla Store that celebrates everything from the original 1954 black-and-white film all the way to the latest computer-animated incarnation of the King of the Monsters.

Apparel and more

The Isetan Shinjuku flagship store (photo credit: Kakidai via Wikimedia Commons)
BICQLO (photo credit: IQRemix via Flickr)

Of course, luxury shopping experiences aren’t for everyone and, fortunately, BICQLO is just kitty-corner to Isetan. A towering collaboration between the UNIQLO clothing and BicCamera electronics brands, BICQLO showcases affordable yet stylish clothing complemented by the latest electronic gadgets—truly the best of both worlds.

Honorable mentions

When it comes to shopping in Shinjuku, your options certainly don’t end here. If you are into minimalist home furnishings and clothing, take a moment to drop into one of several Muji stores around Shinjuku Station.

For souvenir shopping on an extreme budget, look no further than a 100-yen shop. You’ll find plenty of them scattered throughout the districts that surround Shinjuku Station.

More than just the east side

This article focuses on the east and south sides of Shinjuku Station, but if you are into electronics you owe it to yourself to check out the west side of the station for a cluster of Japan’s major electronics retailers including BicCamera, Yodobashi Camera, and Yamada Denki.

Learn how to navigate Shinjuku Station and its surroundings, and you’ll be able to take care of the majority of your Tokyo shopping needs in one single ward. This is perfect if you are staying in or near Shinjuku and prefer to explore Tokyo’s 23 wards without shopping bags in tow.

If you are looking for gift ideas for your friends and family, I recommend you read my colleague David’s article: Mission Shopping: Buying Stuff in Japan for Friends Back Home

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