Find your Perfect Hanami Spot ! 16 Places to See the Cherry Blossoms in the Tokyo Area

If you are in Tokyo during the cherry blossoms season, it may be hard to pick up a specific place to view the sakura trees as the metropolis has so much to offer. Check out this list and chose the hanami spot that has the advantages you are looking for!

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Asukayama Park

🌸 Located in the North of the city, the Asukayama Park is accessible by the Toden Arakawa Line Streetcar, which is also called the Tokyo Sakura Tram and is an experience in itself! Asukayama Park is a great place to experience a more authentic, intimate kind of Hanami. The place is very popular among families, as there is a castle-shaped playground for children, and a free monorail to go up the slope.

¥: Free

 Access: 2mn walk from Oji station (Toden Arakawa Line, Nanboku Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line)


🌸 Located Northwest of the Imperial Palace, Chidorigafuchi is a truly beautiful hanami spot near the river. What makes it particularly attractive is the fact you can rent a boat and have a very different perspective on the cherry blossom. Flowers are expected to bloom from the end of March to the beginning of April. During the sakura season, the trees are also lighted up at night.

For further information about Hanami at Chidorigafuchi, read Anthony’s article: Planning for Cherry Blossoms: Tips for 3 of Tokyo’s Hanami Hot Spots

¥: Free

 Access: 5mn walk from Kudanshita station (Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line).

Inokashira Park

🌸 Located in Western Tokyo next to the hip town of Kichijoji, Inokashira park is a popular romantic destination. The view from Nanai bridge, that crosses the pond in its middle, had a great view on the park’s 500 hundred sakura trees. You can also ride one of the park’s famous pedal boats. The trees will be lighted up at night until 10pm during the cherry blossom peak season.

¥: Free

 Access: 5mn walk from Kichijoji Station (JR Chuo Line, JR, Chuo-sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Keio Inokashira Line)

Kinuta Park

Picture source: Kinuta Park official Twitter account

🌸 Kinuta park is a little further from central Tokyo, but it is unique by two aspects: first, it is huge, with about 390 000 square meters! Secondly, it used to be a golf course, and there remains a gigantic grass field, which makes it the ideal place to spend some Hanami time if you are with children who will love to play and run around the place. The family park and the area near the river offer many cherry blossom trees.

¥: Free

 Access: 20-minute walk from Yoga (Tokyu-Denentoshi line). Bijutsukan bus stop on Tokyu Coach Bus for Bijutsukan for Bijutsukan from Yoga (Tokyu-Denentoshi line).

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Picture source: Korakuen official Twitter account

🌸Koishikawa Korakuen is a garden built during the 17th century, and is a mix of Japanese and Chinese tastes. The garden is really beautiful in every season. The garden has 33 trees of different sorts, the beauty of which is enhanced by their delicate surroundings.

¥: 300 yen

 Access: 5mn walk from Iidabashi station (JR Chuo Line, Chuo-sobu Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line, Toei Oedo Line)

5 mn walk from Korakuen Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)

Meguro River

🌸 The 4km long riverside of the Meguro river, along which 800 cherry trees are planted, is one of Tokyo’s most popular Hanami spot.

If you wish to visit the place at night, do not miss our Anthony’s article:

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¥: Free

 Access: 5mn on foot from Meguro Station (JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Toei Mita Line, Tokyo Meguro Line)

Nihonbashi Sakura Street

Photo credit: Nihonbashi

🌸 If you are tired with parks, then what about seeing cherry blossoms in the middle of the city? Beautiful trees are lined up between buildings all the way between Tokyo station and Nihonbashi station, on the well named ‘Nihombashi Sakura street’. In 2019, from April 5th to April 7th, the street will be for pedestrians only, offering a variety a food stalls and even live music.

¥: Free

Access: 5mn walk from JR Tokyo Station, 5mn walk from Tokyo Metro Nihonbashi station (Asakusa Line, Tozai Line, Ginza Line)

Omiya Park

🌸 Omiya Park is not technically located in Tokyo, but in Saitama prefecture. However, it deserves a place in this list thanks to its 1000 cherry trees and its free zoo. It also welcomes about 180 shops and food stalls during the Hanami season, so if you like street food this is a great place to go!

¥: Free

 Access: 5mn on foot from Omiya-Koen Station (Tobu Noda Line)

Rikugien Garden

🌸 Rikugien is famous for its impressive – both in size and in beauty- weeping cherry tree. The park is even more beautiful during the evening, when everything has an air of mystery. Lighting is scheduled after sunset until 9pm.

¥: 300 yen

 Access: 5mn walk from Komagome Station (JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)

Shinjuku Chuo Park (Shinjuku Central Park)

🌸 Shinjuku Central Park is located in the middle of Shinjuku, the business and entertainment district. It is a good place to take a few pictures on your way to the free observatory at the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, and take a great picture.

¥: Free

 Access: 1mn walk from Tochomae Station on the Toei Oedo Line or a 5mn walk from Nishi-shinjuku Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line.

Shinjuku Gyoen

🌸 One of the most popular parks in Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen is like a huge oasis in the big city, with more than 1000 cherry trees of 65 different sorts. You can see blossoms from February to April.

For further information about Hanami at Shinjuku Gyoen, read Anthony’s article: Planning for Cherry Blossoms: Tips for 3 of Tokyo’s Hanami Hot Spots.

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¥: Until March 17th: Regular price for adults: 200 yen, children: 50 yen

From March 19th: Regular price for adults: 500 yen, children : free

Access: 5mn walk from Shinjuku-gyoenmae Station (Exit 1) via the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Showa Kinen Park

🌸 This park is located quite on the outside of Tokyo – about one hour from Shinjuku by train, but it has many qualities. First of all, it’s the largest park in the Tokyo area, and you can rent bikes to go around the park’s11 kilometers bike trail. There is a barbecue space, and a special section for Sakura trees, under which other kinds of flowers bloom as well.

¥: Free

 Access: 5mn walk foot from JR Tachikawa station.

Sumida Park

🌸 Sumida Park is located in Asakusa, just a few minutes walk from Senso-ji temple, which makes it a great location to celebrate Hanami if you only have a few days of visit and Tokyo and want to make the best of your day. There you can walk along the Sumida river while admiring the 700 cherry tress planted by order of the shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune.

Do not miss our tips to enhance your experience of Hanami at Sumida Park with our article:【SPRING】How to see cherry blossoms in Asakusa and meet geishas

¥: Free

 Access: 5 mn on foot from Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Toei Asakusa Line)

Ueno Park

🌸 Probably the most emblematic place in Tokyo for Hanami, but also the most crowded. During the main part of Hanami season (in 2019, from March 21st to April 7th), the ‘Hanami Festival’ takes place providing the visitors with food stalls and shows.

¥: Free

 Access: 2mn walk from JR Ueno Station or Tokyo Metro Ueno Station (Ginza Line)

Yasukuni Shrine

Photo credit: Issekinicho

🌸 Yasukuni Shrine is famous overseas for being the most controversial shrine in Japan, but for Tokyoites, it is also famous for being a great Hanami spot. It is usually the place that serves as the base for officially announcing that the Tokyo cherry trees start to bloom. The shrine and its surroundings have more than 500 hundred cherry trees. There used to be a great number of food stalls along the way leading to the shrine but they are not available since 2017, following a few threats and incidents.

¥: Free

 Access: 5mn walk from Kudanshita station (Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line).

Yoyogi Park

Photo credit: Karl Baron via Flickr

🌸 Located in the center of Tokyo, Yoyogi Park is rather peaceful. There, you can see about 700 hundred cherry blossoms of diverse sorts. The earlier ones start burgeoning from mid-February.

¥: Free

Access: 5mn walk from JR Harajuku Station; 5mn walk from Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingumae Station (Chiyoda Line)

For further information about Hanami at Yoyogi Park, read Anthony’s article: Planning for Cherry Blossoms: Tips for 3 of Tokyo’s Hanami Hot Spots

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