“Tadaima” or I’m home,
is the expression we want visitors to feel when they visit and return to their beloved Japan.

Tadaima Japan is a Japan guide book with infinitely expanding content.
Would you like to help create a digital guidebook that can be freely customized to suit the needs of the reader?

“Tadaima” “Okaeri” (English: “I’m back!” “Welcome back!”)
Find a Japan that you’ll want to return to again and again.

Japan is considered an “Interesting!” and unique country by the people of the world for her seasonal events, daily customs, and the unique sense of beauty that dwells everywhere in daily life.
Japan is a mysterious mix of both ancient and modern cultures.
For first-time visitors we will introduce the ABCs of Japan, and for seasoned visitors we will introduce deeper information.

Ninja and geisha are all well-and-good, but wouldn’t you like to see more of Japan?
Tokyo and Kyoto are all well-and-good, but wouldn’t you like to visit more of Japan?

The more you know,
the more you will enjoy travelling in Japan!


Tadaima Japan