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After taking our readers’ needs into consideration and thinking it through, we have decided that Tadaima Japan needed more than a small visual refresh
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Tokyo 2020: Make the Most of a Spring like No Other
At a time when Tokyo residents would normally be poised to flood the city’s parks for grand hanami parties, the government of Japan has asked potentia
One-Day Hiking in the Heart of Tokushima Along the Shikoku Pilgrimage
When I think of Shikoku, the first thing that comes to mind is the old pilgrimage route that circles the island. I had been to this part of Japan twic
Experience a bit of Ishikawa Prefecture in Tokyo
At the end of 2019, my colleague and friend Chigaya invited me to visit the city of Kanazawa and the peninsula of Noto, in Ishikawa Prefecture. I had
Shibuya Scramble Square: Tokyo’s Newest Rooftop Observation Deck
Location, location, location. It should come as no surprise that this classic real estate adage also applies to skyscraper rooftop observation decks.
How to Learn Japanese the SMART Way
When learning Japanese, motivation and excitement is highest when you’re a beginner. It’s easy to chart your progress, and your world noticeably expan
Tips and Thoughts on Cycling in Japan: A Tadaima Japan Roundtable Discussion
So far, the Tadaima Japan team has tackled the highs and lows of using trains and automobiles in Japan. For this roundtable discussion, we’re sharing
3 Applications That Will Help You Read Japanese
After coming to grips with the soul-crushing inevitability of having to memorize over 2000 kanji characters, the next wall of frustration that Japanes
5 Unforgettable Japan Travel Experiences
If you live in Japan long enough, fond memories and unforgettable experiences tend to pile up like plates at an all-you-can eat conveyor belt sushi re
Tips and Thoughts on Driving in Japan: A Tadaima Japan Roundtable Discussion
Japan is famous for its comprehensive, efficient, and punctual (for the most part) public transportation system. However, when it comes to reaching mo
One-Day Ski Trip From Tokyo: Hunter Mountain Shiobara
I used to ski every winter, but I stopped going a few years ago to focus on hiking. However, this year, I decided to give skiing another shot. This ti
5 Experiences within Walking Distance of the New National (Olympic) Stadium
The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be here before we know it, and if you’re lucky enough to have tickets for this historic event, chances are you’ll be
Abura Soba, or Ramen Without Soup, at Menchintei in Shinjuku
It’s not ramen, it’s not dipping noodles, it’s Tokyo’s famous abura soba! This Tokyo creation substitutes the thick rich ramen broth with a dash of vi
The 3 Most Useful Japanese Learning Apps on My Phone in 2020
I've been augmenting my Japanese studies with technology ever since I brought my trusty iPhone 3G from the States to Japan when I moved here in 2009.

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